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Rave and Rage over Porter House’s editorial debut at Steak and!


Phil’s is out spending much of his time, drunk on the Big Apple. Check out his boozed-up response to a true-blue CJ fan.

Porter House makes his editorial debut on SnC and got a mixed reviews, check out Porter House telling us to reach within the very depth of our soul and find the “inner negro” in all of us at Steak and!

Check out one hilarious payback story and find out how you can win an awesome $33 Gift Certificate at Revenge!

Awesome Surprises instore for You at The SSN Shop


With  all the awesome stuff happening at The SSN Shop you’d think it doesn’t get better than that! But the good people behind the sickest joint on the net loves you guys so much that not only can you purchase our Product of The Week with 10% slashed off the original price but thanks to an improved Shirt Printing Process, the existing shirts at SSN Shop is down by 25%! That’s right folks, we just got cheaper, just the way you like it!

To celebrate the whole shebang, we are holding a Design-a-Tee contest wherein your creativity takes center stage! Come up with your most creative shirt design, whether a wise-crackin’ text description or better yet, done with graphics and send your entries to

The winning design will be used for the tees and you get to have full credit for your cool creation! To top it all off,  a whopping $50 Gift Certificate is up for grabs! So start crackin’ and send in your most impressive design ideas now!

Free Porn for All Steak and Cheese Fans!


Gen discovered quite a revelation that’ll forever change his movie nights at his girlfriend’s house! Find out what what brings out the homo-phobe in Gen at Consumption Junction!

Who wants some Free Porn, say.. right now? Usually you have to get a trial and cruise around a porn site before you see the goods right? Not anymore! Mike, being the smooth talker that he claims to be, has set up something special for all SnC minions and visitors alike! Check out Steak and Cheese and see how you can score free porn, now!

SickSite Radio Episode 29: Capt. America got Busted!


Shawn kicks off another great episode of SickSite Radio with a couple of hilarious phone-ins from The SSR Hotline!

Then, Jason of Revenge joins in the fun and he shares his own evil upbringing while poking fun over the leaked phone call of Alec Baldwin to his daughter, Ireland.

Of course, not without some SSR Crazy News thrown in, A burrito-carrying Capt. America Assaulted a woman and got arrested for lewd conduct. He went as far as flushing marijuana down the shitter at the Police Station where he was detained right after the incident.

And ending the show with a bang, the new Toll-Free number to The SSR Hotline all across the U.S and Canada: 1-866-325-SICK, is ready to take in your calls  Start calling Shawn up for your 5 minutes of fame!

After checking out SSR, scope out Porn Savvy with the malevolent Anna, where she ponders upon the sudden surge of fake tits and silicon-filled pouts in Hollywood!

Anna Comes Out of The Racist Closet and Declares Hate for Koreans and See How You Can Join Our Design-a-Tee Contest on the 51st issue of The Weekly Wipe!


On our 51st issue, we got Anna of The Weekly Wipe coming out of the racist closet and sharing hilarious run-ins with the kimchi-lovin’ Koreans! Weekly Wipe dares you to be creative! Our Design-a-Tee contest gives you the chance to show off your cool design idea! With $50 Gift Certificate up for grabs and a shot at stardom, what’s not to like? Scope out our latest issue and see how you can join!

How does lovely ladies with bananas, cucumber, vibrators and rubber lollipops sound? Hot, according to The Porn Savvy Crew! Check out as the gang reviews I Cum Alone only at the latest issue of The Wipe!

Can’t get enough of Weekly Wipe? Check out WW’s archive and SUBSCRIBE while you’re at it! It’s easy and it’s free! Why, even a retard can do it! If that’s not enough, remember that you can unsubscribe anytime you feel cranky!

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