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To the Winners, We Salute You!!


Bravo to Dianne McDermotte of Massachusetts, Ed Joten of Connecticut and Khesh Sidhu! Each of these lucky bastards won a juicy $33 worth of Gift Certificate for their winning entries at Revenge World, Steak and Cheese and Freakhole  respectively.

You guys can reward yourselves by scoring cool stuff at Sick Site Network Shwags or enjoy shopping for porn dvd’s, sex toys at our Shop.Sick Site Network. As always, their nasty mugshots are honored at our Submitters Hall of Fame!

Listen up, if the rest of you sick fucks want a prize, you are in luck! Jason of Revenge World is up for another contest! Come up with a smartass poll question and you just might be our next winner! Sounds easy right? Well get crakin’ because fame and fortune awaits the winner!

911 Call from ScottDoucheBagStapp wife, Mexicans Gone Wild and Asshole Directors on The latest Episode of SickSite Radio!


Shawn gives anothergreat show on the 32nd episode of SickSite Radio! First off is, Scott Stapp’s wife and her recorded 911 call, seeking help when her singer/douchebag of a husband beats the bejeesus out of her.

Then, An audio of Michael Cera (as George Michael Bluth of Arrested Development) losing his cool over an asshole director of his new movie. And to wrap it up, illegal aliens gone wild! Enjoy the show everyone!

Sick Site Radio episode 23 and Weekly Wipe’s 43rd issue is out!


Shawn Wasson dishes out a special episode of  Sick Site Radio where he interviews the controversial, Madame Jody “Baby Doll” Gibson, owner of an exclusive Escort Service in Hollywood and author of the book  “Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madame”

Check out her uncensored interview where she talks about  Bruce Willis’ sexcapades to Ben Afflecks’ coke and hooker binging and  Tommy Lasorda’s miniature pecker!

Weekly Wipe’s 43rd issue is out! Scope out WW’s  featured editorial by our “Who Wants To Be A CJ Writer?” winner, Jeremy of Consumption Junction where he bitches out his repressed anger towards “The Negro Goddess, Oprah”, Sidney Poitier and his oozing with bullshit goodness book, “The Measure of a Man: A spiritual autobiography”

Can’t get enough of Weekly Wipe? Check out WW’s archive  and SUBSCRIBE while you’re at it! It’s easy and it’s free! Why, even a retard can do it! If that’s not enough, remember that you can unsubscribe anytime you feel cranky!

Heads up Fuckers, Sick Site Radio’s 24th Episode is On!


Hey folks, let’s start off another hellish week by tuning in on Sick Site Radio’s 24th episode! Listen as Shawn Wasson  interviews our very own ex-jailbird, Dick of, where he tells us hilarious jailhouse stories!

Then, Madame Jody “Baby Doll” Gibson, owner of an exclusive Escort Service in Hollywood and author of the book  “Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madame,

reveals naughty secrets from her celebrity clients  and to wrap things up, Daisy Rock, our resident pornstar explains the anatomy of a gangbang!

Jason the Bulge-Slayer fights the Fat at Revenge World!


Wuss-hater Dick teaches us a thing or two on how to plot the perfect payback for pansy-pants over at Freak Meanwhile, As Anna of Porn Savvy plans to drown her sorrows by taking happy pills, Revenge World’s Jason, wages war on the fat, as he gets suggestions from his fans on how to lose weight!

Finally, Mike of Steak and Cheese takes a break from stirring up hate in the cyber world and instead helps lame fucks everywhere to find mates perfect for meaningless sex!

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Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer and editor based in the Philippines. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting from Centro Escolar University in Manila. She started out as a production associate at ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network in 2004 before transitioning to creative writing in 2006. Her years of experience as a writer resulted in having considerable knowledge in a variety of writing fields. When she’s not surrounding herself with pretty things or discussing herself in the third person, Tina watches funny cat videos all day.

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