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Battle of The Bitches: Dick and Anna’s take on the drama behind The View


First, lets dampen the mood with Phil’s insightful blurbs where he tries to promote cheerlessness on Memorial Day. Find out why at Consumption

So, how is it news when a group of women starts exchanging catty remarks about worthless gossips? Well, seems like everyone is talking about The View, Dick of and Anna shares their disgust over the controversial The View anchors who loves slashing each others’ throats. Rosie is her usual cunty self and so is Elizabitch. Even Alicia Silverstone and Donald Trump joined in the fray. Well check out and Porn to see what Dick and Anna has to say about these hissy attention whores.

Mike is Inviting Haters To His Party In Vegas, Who’s Coming?


Of course most sex positions you see in some random porn videos may look hot but it’s in fact, hard to do (unless you’re double-jointed or a pornstar) Reggie has some sleazy advice for the less athletic horny fucks at Consumption!

Jason will be recording the body count so that means North Texas is heating up. Check out how Jason intends to survive the summer heat at Revenge!

So, Mike is planning a little trip to Vegas on Labor day and is out inviting strippers/call girls to party with them. Oh yeah and haters (!) who has been threatening him over the years can come too and are welcome to beat the shit out of him (or “act bad”)…. I wonder if Mike’s stalker will make it to Vegas?

The Hottest Porn Savvy Fan


First we got Meg sharing how she shattered a fantasy when she appeared on The Jerry Springer Show. Scope out Consumption for that.

Badoink is the shit, if you asked Jason! Check out Revenge and see how you too can enjoy watching loads of smut right into your TV!

And to wrap things up, we got Anna singing praises for Brazzers Pass, which coincidentally gave you Doctor Adventures and Big Wet Butts both of which made it to Weekly Wipe’s Review of the Week. It goes without saying that we give you the best because you are worth it… aww…

Guess who’s a fan of Porn

911 Call from ScottDoucheBagStapp wife, Mexicans Gone Wild and Asshole Directors on The latest Episode of SickSite Radio!


Shawn gives another great show on the 32nd episode of SickSite Radio! First off is, Scott Stapp’s wife and her recorded 911 call, desperately seeking help when her singer/douchebag of a husband beats the bejeezus out of her!

Then, An audio of Michael Cera (as George Michael Bluth of Arrested Development) losing his cool over an asshole director of his new movie. And to wrap it up, illegal aliens gone wild! Enjoy the show everyone!

Weekly Wipe Issue 56: Mike’s take on Lindsay Lohans’ driving, drugging and drinking!


Lindsay Lohan got herself in quite a stitch and  Mike is all for locking these Hollywood crackhead to serve jail time! On the latest issue of Weekly Wipe, we got Mike of Steak and ranting about the perpetually high LiLo and her latest misadventure! You see kids, there’s a lesson to be learned here: Never drive while you’re high, drunk and suffering a severe case of stupidity, it’s just asking for trouble. Check out our 56th Weekly Wipe Issue , folks!

Got ass? For the regular Butt-Men, this one’s for you! The Porn Savvy crew reviews Big Wet Butts and as the title implies it’s all about bountiful booties! Sink your teeth on another excellent Porn review that made it to Weekly Wipe’s bestest issue, like, ever!

Check out Hollywood Elite’s Burning Bush on The 56th Weekly Wipe Issue!

Consumption Juction Congratulates This Week’s Contest Winner!


Congratulations to Christian Baumberger for winning the Consumption Junction’s Fish Chowder Story Contest!

To celebrate his sickness, we have not only posted his ugly mugshot at The Winners’ Hall of Fame but also, the lucky fuck won himself an awesome $33 Gift Certificate he can use to score cool schwags, Porn DVD’s or great sex toys at  The SickSiteNetwork Shop!

You too might be the be the next winner so keep sending cool shit because fame and fortune awaits!

Join The Sex Revolution at Consumption!


Another Manic Monday, Yeah. Let’s start the week by revolutionizing sex.  Yes, see how You can have the power to make a change with a simple touch of your fingertips … or something. Join the revolution at Consumption!

Mike must’ve had a painful weekend, eh? Well, a 4-inch thorn stuck deep in the middle of your foot will do that to you

Crickey, SnC minions all over the world must be fainting right now! The world will never be the same again!

And to wrap all the wonderfulness up we got Jason talking about Big Foot, Sasquash, Chupacrabra and Lochness Monster. Yeah, and a video of a supposedly strange creature… tried squinting really hard and all I saw was a cat. I could be wrong, so check out Revenge

Jason and Anna’s take on POTC: At World’s End


Who says NASCAR supporters had it easy? Well life is tough for the speed junkies says Gen. Find out why at Consumption

Jason shares the fun he had watching POTC: At World’s End while mentioning a few of those annoying movie-goers most of us encountered, one time or another. I know I have. Noisy pricks answering their mobile phone in the middle of the movie, giggly teenagers who keeps interjecting a smartass retort every time the actor in the movie says his line. Y’know.

Coincidentally, Anna of Porn Savvy saw the same movie and basically thinks it’s a let-down. Check out what Anna has to say at Porn

Awesome SickSiteRadio Episodes and Vidcasts at!


Great news! Because SickSite Radio is well, awesome and shit plus, I know you guys can’t live without your daily dose of sickness you might want to check out!

That’s right! Surf through and make sure to check out awesome SickSite Radio episodes you might have missed (shame on you!) or Daily Dose Vidcast, it’s all there, waiting for you!

Freaky Sex, Finding a Hot Fling and Hostile Fucking


It’s time for another mean serving of smut for the horny fucksout there! Fist off, we got Reggie getting a lot of action with a  hot cunt who doesn’t mind men with extra poundage. Wait no more and check  out Consumption!

Mike spends his weekend fucking the brains out of a fling he met at an equally excellent adult dating site so if you are looking for a hot fling you might want to check out Steak and and you’ll get laid in no time at all!

But if it’s hostile fucking that rocks your boat then Anna will show you a site full mean-spirited sluts and dicks in dire need of Anger Management Classes. Violence never looked this good, eh?

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