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A rabid fans quest to erecst a golden statue of Phils err… Mammoth Rod on The 57th Issue of The Weekly Wipe


Yep, turns out Phil is considered the God of Internet, worshiped by crazed disciples in an obscure country. So crazed are his minions in fact, that they plan to erect a golden statue of Phil’s family jewels but not without your help.

Surrender all your earthly belongings (gold coins andjewelry, preferably) to Phil and help a poor country achieve their goal of offering chicken piss and goat nutsacks to Phil’s idolized golden rod on the latest issue of The Weekly Wipe!

The Porn Savvy crew reviews Naughty America’s Diary of a Nanny! Every self-respecting horny fucks knows that this is their ultimate childhood fantasy! Yeah well, that and threesomes I guess but hey! Check that out on our latest issue of The Weekly Wipe!

Hilarious Sicksite Radio Hotlines, Dick’s Date Stories and Extreme Wheelchair Rides


It’s another great show on the 33rd episode of Sicksite Radio! Shawn gives us a taste of  the crazed/drunken/DT-ed fans of SickSite Radio who keeps flooding the hotline! Also, Chaos Call from Mike of Steak and

Then, Dick of joins Shawn in for a chat about  extreme  wheelchair ride and random date stories. And finally, an audio of what seems to be a very snooty, rude little spelling bee winner.

Check out another killer SickSite Radio episode folks!

Lamentations of a Jew at


Crying World Wide Jew Conspiracy, Virgil talks about the absurd depiction of a jew’s life by a notorious children book entitled “The Poisonous Mushroom” well on the way of it’s 70th anniversary. Learn how to spot a jew at Consumption!

A rainbow bursts into the sky and the animals broke into a chorus as inmate #9818783 a.ka. Paris Hilton, was ordered to get her retarded ass back in the slammer. It goes without saying that Mike of Steak and Cheese is overjoyed with this development. Check out Steak and and see what Mike has to say.

And Jason got a couple of mails from his adoring fans! Well actually, it’s more like a bunch of hate-mails… but hey! Scope out Revenge for that!

Any WebMasters Interested in Offering Link Trades at Revenge Let Us Know!


Well, Gen has a quite interesting story to tell… Satan testing Gen’s faith in God, by taking everything he has and by everything I meant his erection. Check out Gen’s limp pecker at Consumption!

If there’s any webmasters randomly cheking out all the exposed twats at Revenge, listen up! Jason has added up a Partners section at Revenge and is now taking offers for link trades. Shoot Jason an email if you’re interested.

And finally, Anna shares her top 5 Vomit Moments at Porn Well,  today we celebrate our Independence Day (I think a shout-out is in oder: Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!) I’m sure she’d be puking her guts out in no time!

Check out Phil’s SSN Round-Up at Consumption


Phil gives you a very rare Sick Site Network Round-up. Yep, so after you’re done pleasuring yourself, check out Consumption Junction to be in the loop with the latest happenings around this wonderful, wonderful site!

Well, I didn’t know Pfizer has been testing new drugs on human guinea pigs in Africa, quite interesting. Read what Dick has to say over at

Does anyone seriously feels any pity over Paris? I know I would if I have no idea how much of a deranged spoiled bitch she is but that’s just me. Anyways, read Jason’s two cents over Ms. Hilton’s ordeal at Revenge

Sex in a Bottle at Porn


Okay, first Dave of moves to The Big Apple and had a very enlightening conversation with his lesbian friend about fisting. I can almost hear the boners… Read the rest of the story at!

Speaking of boners, Mike shows you why he loves and is been a fan of  FreePornLesson foryears at Steak and!

And finally if you want sex in a bottle, check out Porn! That’s right, strange as it may seem you can literally douse yourself with something that could make the ladies pant in delight. Curious much? I thought so, go ahead and check out Porn!

Soprano Finale Round-up, Dick talks Paris and SSR fans agrees, Sicks Site Radio Show 34 is on!


Tru dat bitches, Sick Site radio episode 34 is on! In this episode, we got Shawn and Mike giving a Soprano finale round-up, even though the ending blows major ass.

Next Dick of joins in and talks about how fucked-up Paris Hilton’s skinny ass is in jail and the SSR fans agrees (big surprise there.) So check it out now and enjoy another awesome show, sick bastards!

Weely Wipe’s 58th Issue is out! Find out why it’s a bad idea to stuff an Apple up one’s cunt


Hey folks, Weekly Wipe’s 58th issue is out! This time we have the malefi-que Anna as our featured editorial writer for The Weekly Wipe!  Not a fan of fad gadgets, Anna shares why she refuses to get into the hype over iPods and why she thinks it’s a bad idea to stuff an Apple up one’s cunt. Mmmm… cunt…

And for the regular ass-humpers who loves pink unicorns, rainbows and lots and lots of cocks, have I got a surprise for you! Have a helluva gay ol’ time scoping out Weekly Wipe’s Review of The Week because the Porn Savvy crew brings you Video Box MEN! Now go and… suck a cock or something.

From Hookahs to McFarlane Beatles Yellow Submarine figures, Anna counts her blessings at Porn


Why don’t we slow it down a notch for the weekend? We got Dr. Kurt Metzger, the founder and Senior Pastor of Bible time Victory Helmet Church and BBQ (one of the leading BBQ ministries in North America) a.k.a. Kurt, blabbering prophecies for all the CJ fans. Scope out Consumption and let the brain hemorrhage begin.

A hilarious mail from a distraught SnC fan with an ax to grind. Quite a stitch he got himself in… poor horny dude. Check out Steak and for that!

Anna of Porn counts her blessing and also her (rockin’) shoes. From hookahs to McFarlane Beatles Yellow Submarine figures, check out Anna’s earthly possessions round-up at Porn!

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