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Consumption Junction Congratulates Our Submissions Contest Winner!


Thom Stodumire stands victorious as Consumption Junction’s Submissions Contest Winner for this week!

Not only did we honor your insolence… err… excellence at our Winners’ Hall of Fame, You also won a crisp $33 Gift Certificate! Now off you go to score awesome schwags, porn DVD and naughty sex toys at the!

Fame and fortune awaits! Keep submitting cool shit and you just might be the next winner!

The SSN Shop’s P.O.W: Sex City 2 at 10% off!


Lusty vixens, Savage Beasts and Sinful Sex, The Sequel to Private’s blockbuster, Sex City 2 is The SSN Shop’s Product of The Week!

Pierre Woodman returns to Private with another racy collection of vids that’s guaranteed to arouse the senses! Watch Diana Gold, Afrodite Night, and Sonia Red as they strip the streets off of decency and suck humanity dry of it’s wanton worth.

Sounds hot right? What’s even hotter is that Sex City 2 is offered with a 10% discount promo! That’s right folks, take advantage of this great offer by typing in the coupon code: TO64593 when you check out! This promo is valid from 5/7/07 until 5/13/07 so get your act together and order now!

Anna talks about getting stoned… For Real.


Check out Consumption and see how you can win  a free shirt by coming up with the nastiest revenge you can think of and single-handedly help a damsel in distress out!

Paris and her sorry ass is off to serve her sentence for 45 days in the L.A. County Jail! Check out  Mike, giving his two cents on The Soon-to-be-Jailbird Paris Situation at Steak and

And to wrap it up, scope out Porn where Anna gives the gory accounts and graphic video clips of an Iraqui girl that was kicked, dragged and had her face bashed in with a large stone. The shocker is that she died in the hands of her own relatives(!)

A little trouble in the shitter brought out the McGyver in Gen!


Stuck alone with a dangler stubbornly  lodged up his ass, Gen channels in the inner McGyver in him, and  embarks on a journey that would test hiswits and ingenuity.

Baby-sitting and afros. That’s right, while Jason is baby-sitting (!) he was struck with an insight that led to err… the subtle differences in Black Men’s hairstyle. Check out Revenge, try squinting really hard and figure out the difference from one ‘fro to the next.

Dick found the perfect site where you could enjoy viewing  nekkid pics or even  send out salacious pics of yourself, have throngs of admirers for it and score some dough! Scope out and find out how!

A Day Chock-Full of Smutty Goodness


Dismayed with a perfume ad from Sephora, Dave bitches on about the “Continued Pussification of American Men”. Come on over at Consumption Junction for  that enlightening article.

If a hot chick sucking the shit out of a nice, stiff cock is your thing then Mike found the perfect site for you! Check out the newest blow job porn site there is and see why Mike kept raving about it at Steak and

It’s almost Mother’s day and the sleaze master didn’t forget! See scores of adulterous hot mommas romping around the neighborhood and making the most of their free time at Porn!

Of course, if you want to go straight into action and score a hot piece of ass, let your good buddy Jason show you how to get laid quick at Revenge!

Enjoy, Pervs!

A Girl Gets Herself Off On-Air, Great Hotline Calls and A Piss-Drunk Has-Been on the 30th Episode of SickSite Radio


On the 30th episode of SickSite Radio,  Shawn gets flooded with DT calls from SSR fans and even got a call from a drunk/drugged Rise and Fall of over the weekend! How about some on-air action? Mackenzie, who has been to to SSR show several times, is out in a road trip. She calls in to Shawn and Dick as she gets herself off, live on air while her siblings cheers her on. Lovely.

And to wrap it up, an audio of David Hasselhoff, piss drunk, trying to eat a cheese burger on the floor and being told off by his 14-year old daughter! It’s a great show so enjoy, sick fucks.

Weekly Wipe Issue 53: Even The Queen of Street Skank is Not Above the Law!


Paris and her pathetic attempts to avoid jail time are everywhere these days. Coincidentally, our featured editorial is from Dick of where he re-lives the time he himself got popped for D.U.I.   But had the right mind not to drive without a license! That’s right, Weekly Wipe’s 53rd issue is out!

What’s Weekly Wipe without smut, right? So what’s better than one cock? That’s right,two cocks! One in the pink and one  in stink! For those who like it hardcore, listen up. The Porn Savvy crew reviews Only DP! The possibilities are endless, I tell you. Scope out another awesome issue of The Weekly Wipe, everyone!

Can’t get enough of Weekly Wipe? Check out WW’s archive and SUBSCRIBE while you’re at it! It’s easy and it’s free! Why, even a retard can do it! If that’s not enough, remember that you can unsubscribe anytime you feel cranky!

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