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Congratulations to Our Next Batch of Insolent Fools!


Congratulations to Our Best Submission Contest Winners, Dominic Scaramozi and James Teutsch! These lucky fucks each won a $33 Gift Certificate from Consumption Junction and FreakHole, respectively!

Not only that, we have honored your excellence at our Winners’ Hall of Fame! So start cruisin’ over The SSN Shop to score awesome schwags, racy porn DVD or naughty sex toys!

Fame and Fortune awaits! Keep submitting your shit and be the next winner!

10% off on SSN P.O.W. Product of the Week: Impulse HyperSonic G


Clicking your own mouse never felt this good. The Impulse HyperSonic G is our Product of the Week!

This baby offers pulsating, escalating, and vibrating sensations with 10 levels of accelerated settings to choose from! It’s hands-free micro stimulator has a pinpoint precision, nubby clitoral stimulator with intensifying soft, supple dual action ticklers that delivers intense pleasure.

Gyrating wing-span that nestles perfectly on your vaginal lips and has a deep penetrating 3″ smooth G-spot stimulator. It’s also features a fully adjustable waist and thigh straps for ideal comfort. Oh and to top it all off, It’s also pleasantly scented.

In all it’s awesomeness, you can get as much as 10%  discount on The Impulse HyperSonic G! Just make sure to input the coupon code NZ23588 before you check out and you can take advantage of our promo from  4/30/07 to 5/6/07!

 Phil Gives a Proper Send-Off to an Old Friend, CJ Style


Phil bids good-bye to his umm… fucked-up laptop but not before sharing a blow-by-blow account on the day that it got fried. Check out Phil’s ode to his broken laptop on Consumption Junction.

Mike’s MySpace account got deleted for the nth time and out spewing venom against Tom on Steak and

And to wrap the whole thing up, Anna gripes on having UTI and imparts an important message that one must not take the regular/annoying trip to the loo for granted at Porn!

Nothing like a Quickie at a Random Toilet Stall to Liven up a Road Trip.


Gen is out on a road trip and  got more than he bargained for! Scope out another of Gen’s misadventure at Consumption Junction!

Haters and fans alike, Readers Mail is what’s up at Steak and and if that’s not enough, check out Revenge where Jason got a hilarious news item about a number of Japanese duped into a scam, got them buying Australian and British sheep and told they were poodles.

Yep, Only in Japan.

Porn Savvy and Consumption brings The Best Porn Sites To Get Yourself Off!


Jason discusses the best way to straighten-out the little critters, guaranteed  that your kids will never, EVER misbehave. EVER. Find  out how to effectively put your kids in their best behavior at Revenge!

This one’s for all the pervs out there. That means you too, haha! Check out Consumption Junction and Porn Savvy to see how you could get porn for Free! Reggie and Anna brings you the best porn sites without shelling out a dime!

That’s right folks, now go and enjoy!

Downloading Limitless Porn Made Even Better!


All bets are off as Virgil prepares the CJ fans for the next Kentucky Derby.  Also, find out why horse racing  is thenext big thing in hip-hop atConsumption Junction!

Mike raises a good point on why he thinks Sheryl Crow is a hypocrite and why her idea to save the earth by scrimping on TP’s is a bit misguided but enough chit-chat. Brace yourself for aninteresting read at Steak and

Anna of Porn gives her two cents after seeing the movie Spider-Man 3. Be warned though, major spoilerage for anyone who haven’t seen the movie yet, I should know. Oh well.

Finally, Dick of shows you how to watch limitless porn right on your TV and even send clips on your mobile phone! Yep, check out FreakHole and let your good buddy Dick show you how!

Jason and His Sexual Conquests back in HighSchool on the latest issue of Weekly Wipe!


Another awesome edition of The Wipe, this time we’ve got Jason of Revenge! Before the rugged good looks and insatiable taste for revenge came, Jason is an awkward boy looking for some hot tub lovin’. We got him sharing his sexual conquests and seducing the ladies’ pants off back in HighSchool on The Weekly Wipe’s 52nd issue!

After checking out our fine collection of distractions and what-nots, the horny fucks of Porn reviews yet another excellent porn site!

Does Sweet-faced Russians or haughty Eastern-European chicks showing off their “skills” at sucking a nice hard cock sounds good? Then better check out WW’s Review of the Week where The Porn Savvy Crew Reviews  CFNM Exposed!

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