SECCED Fluid Head Review

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Known for its high performance Fluid Head line, SECCED promises unparalleled head movement smoothness and faster change of tilt, and pan drag with its latest and greatest Fluid head yet, the SC-V25/150AH. The SC-V25/150AH, which is the premium Fluid Head unit from SECCED introduces a compact shape as well as revolutionary design that improves performance while reducing weight for optimum portability.


  • Compact, Ergonomic Design
  • 21 to 35KG payload Range
  • Step-type Counterbalance System
  • Improved Drag System
  • Lightweight Plastic Construction
  • Quick Release Mechanism for Smooth Camera Dismounting
  • Main Fluid Head parts made with high quality C&C machine
  • 150mm Tripods Compatible

While the SC-V25/150AH is compact in design, it’s actually a hardworking piece of equipment which delivers 21 up to 35KG payload range, making it perfect for EFP, OB, and Studio application. This particular model boasts of an improved drag system for smoother head movement and graded drag adjustment to ensure the camera can tilt and pan with minimal drag.

The fluid head is one of SECCED’s bestselling lines and the SC-V25/150AH shows us why. The enhanced rigidity of the control elements made the SC-V25/150AH a great fluid line for prolonged shoots. The modernized shape and the well-balanced design of the SC-V25/150AH makes it a great tool of choice for professionals as well as recreational photographers.


The SC-V25/150AH delivers stability and balance thanks to the SECCED’s state of the art professional features. With the head’s ability to support up to 21 up to 35KG, the SC-V25/150AH is by no means a lightweight when it comes to heavy duty shooting. The updated counterbalance system of SC-V25/150AH enables it to find the right balance no matter what the camera’s size or weight is.

Whether you’re using a pro camcorder or a highly accessorized video DSLR on a rod/rail system, the SC-V25/150AH takes some of the strain off your support rig. If you are looking for a hard-working fluid head with vibration-free movements and smooth as butter tilts and pans, the SC-V25/150AH is your fluid head of choice.

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