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So I had this bright idea of buying my own place after getting thoroughly pissed at my landlady. I’m not gonna go to the specifics but I learned the hard way how manipulative that old krone can be despite renting her apartment for a little over 7 years. Yes, 7 years and, from the looks of it, counting. So the initial plan was just me buying a place. Now it morphed into buying a place with the boyfriend. But the jarring reality that the boyf isn’t ready to buy his own place, it’s back to me buying a place for myself and eventually, if able, the boyfriend will join. I like the idea of buying my own place and it’s been a dream of mine. I want to make this happen one way or another.

That’s basically how the search started.

I had my heart set on a sprawling Italian-inspired mid-rise condos from the Capri Oasis, it’s not too far from where I currently live. It’s a lovely place, let me tell you. And from what I read, the developer is ace. But the matter of the price is what’s stopping me from considering it. Just 200K shy of 3 million for a one-bedroom unit. It’s soooo pricey! I wanted the place so, so bad. I got a preview of the 2 bedroom condo, which is only a couple of thousands bucks pricier and both are soooo good. I am sold. Completely sold.We’re talking pane glass doors, pane glass windows, a balcony and less constricted living space. Too bad I don’t have pictures because we were kinda late to the meeting and the yet to be turned over building still does not have electricity. But I am sold.

But again, there’s the matter of the money. I’m no fool, the place is nice but t get it, I will need to earn more. Seeing that I’m better off on this alone, I will need all my super saving powers to pull this shit. Otherwise, I might end up on the news as a estapadora or something *shivers*

Of course, I impress easily. The search isn’t over though. We got another date with an Amaia rep next week for another look-see. Amaia may not be located as conveniently as Capri Oasis but it’s an Ayala developed land and it’s somewhat cheaper than Capri Oasis. But personally, I’m all about the neighborhood. All I want is for people to stop being bastos whenever I go out in full makeup and denim shorts (I actually almost filed a formal complaint when a guy started heckling me and my sister every time we are out together or alone. Thankfully, a local repairman caught wind of the situation and complained the bastos trike driver to their trike association or something). I want a place where there is less kanto boys who catcalls or burst into love songs when they know you are within earshot. I want a place where I don’t have to deal with a miserable old lady. I want a place where the developer won’t bail out and continuously improve the amenities. That’s all I want. Which is a lot, lol.

Okay, okay. Now the master plan. I need at least 350K to cover for the DP and the miscellaneous fees. While I could easily ask my mom for money, I won’t because my fear of getting rejected and throwing a fit for it will only cause animosity within the family, so not worth it. I’m quite known for throwing a fit when I don’t get what I want so seeing that this may cause discord in the family if I get rejected, I might as well not try.

Instead, I’ll do it the old fashioned way, I will save up. I am giving myself a year to complete the DP which means I will no longer be purchasing any makeup or anything unnecessary for the next 12 months.That’s okay because at the rate I was going, I have enough makeup to last me three lifetimes. So yeah. I did preorder something online but this was before I planned the master plan. So.  If I earn the way I’m earning now, I can do it.

When I finally have enough cash to pay for the down payment and the miscellaneous fees (this alone amounts to more than 60K), then I will start paying on a per month basis for 10 years or less (or less is the goal). If I can convince my mom that I’m all grown up and I can take care of myself, things will be much easier for me.

As for the boyfriend joining me, I still have reservations over that. If I’m shelling half a million in cash for a place and then pay off the rest for a freakin half a decade, I need to be reassured that we’re in this together rather than just me shelling all the money. That’s my main concern right now. I have an ex who basically ran away from a 25K debt and that’s the last time I will give a man any money.

So deep breaths.

I can do this. I will do this.

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  1. hurray for adult decisions! I’m still going back and forth over getting a place of my own. I’m hesitant because buying an apartment would mean committing to staying in Vienna. Anyway, I hope you find a fab place!

    • Thanks dear 🙂 But Vienna is such a gorgeous city, I won’t mind staying there forever, hahaha! Yeah, I’m still pining for the expensive Capri condo, hahaha! We’ll see 😀

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