Rocco Dorian: He’s Here!

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Rocky and I totally made it to September 1, guys, I am very pleased! As you know, I’ve been pregnant for what felt like forever and I finally gave birth on September 1, right around the time when Jose Mari Chan’s memes reared its ugleh head, hahahaha!

Can you tell how happy I am?

I finally got the snip snip too so this is officially my last pregnancy. Again, I know that I will regret this at some point in the future but for now, I’m just happy that I won’t go through another year of pregnancy sometime soon.

Getting to the Hospital

For the sake of documenting the experience, I’ll recount the entire thing. The day before I was scheduled for an elective CS, we went to the hospital to reserve a room. Since there’s a health crisis, we have no choice but to come early. We got there too early, me think, because there was no room available and we had to check-in to a nearby hotel until the room we wanted is vacated and sanitized.

Around 7 in the evening, we finally got to our room and we waited the following morning for the surgery. I was scheduled for a 7AM CS, which I liked because I just wanted the whole thing to be over and done so I can finally recover. The surgery didn’t take long, it was only about 30 to 40 minutes, including the ligation ha, so my OB was fast.

Everything about this pregnancy is the opposite of my last pregnancy. During the surgery, I was actually awake. I didn’t like it because I’m enjoying none of the sensations but when I heard Rocky’s cries, I was relieved. Also, the entire OR burst into laughter when they saw how big Rocky was, he’s freakin 8.6 pounds. His older brother is big na at 7.9 but apparently, the second is bigger.

It’s amazing how Damy and Rocky looked so much alike as a newborn. Like, I couldn’t believe my eyes, they look almost identical.

We stayed in the hospital for 3 days because of the uncomplicated, healthy birthing. It was amazing because everything happened so fast and most of the time, we were just waiting for the discharge order.

After we got the discharge order, we pretty much got the heck outta there because, COVID. The ride home was just as smooth, Rocky was such a good boy. He never cried, he just drank his milk, locked eyes with me, and fell right asleep until we got home.

When we got home, the yayas dressed Damien in an outfit that matches Rocky’s going home outfit. It was so cute. I got these at Ali Basics on Instagram, check them out.

Unsurprisingly, Damy didn’t know what’s going on while he’s being introduced to his little brother. He kinda got a bit scared of the baby too, which was so funny. He was hiding behind my back at first!

After the introductions, we sat down for an impromptu family picture. Since there’s a health crisis, my husband was unable to join me in the OR to cut the cord and take more pictures although Rocky was shown to him right after the surgery.

So here’s us! Our little brood is complete.

Healing from the Surgery

We’re still adjusting to our own “new normal,” but so far, everything is going great. Since I’m still on a break, I get to rest more. I was dreading the healing process because I remember how painful the incision was after the surgery.

Surprisingly, I am healing quickly and the pain, though ever-present, is much more tolerable this time around. Not sure if it’s because of the stronger pain meds or the fact that the incision site was numb after my first pregnancy. I’m healing so fast yet I don’t feel like I’m in so much pain I cannot move.

Quite the opposite, I’ve been moving around, getting things done, and apparently, writing this piece, hahahaha!

So yeah, this concludes the quick recount of my last pregnancy. The timing was so off, it was difficult to be pregnant in the middle of a global health crisis but it made me appreciative of the simple, little things.

Like the fact that my health was good throughout the pregnancy, Rocky was healthy and he developed normally despite the stress. We found a good OB who really took care of us and everything else went so smoothly. There were no complications during and after the surgery. We were in a good place mentally, physically, and financially despite job loss all around.

All these things made us extremely, extremely lucky and I know I’m so blessed. Sometimes when so many things are happening at the same time, we lose track of what’s important, the little thangs. That’s what I’m grateful for the most!


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