Review: Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set

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I received my Zoeva rose golden brush set a week and a half ago but I didn’t want to post another first impressions review because it’s not as complete. So I had a lot time playing with these babies and here are my thoughts:

zoeva 1

As you might’ve known by now, Zoeva brush sets come packed in a gorgeous pouch. I love the pouch because it’s well-made and very roomy! I will be taking the pouch with me on my beach vacation this week!

As for the brushes, I’ll be honest, I kept caressing each one because they are just so damn pretty! Prettier in person, really. One thing that I noticed about the brushes is the larger ones are lighter than Sigma face brushes. I’m not sure if that counts for something but it’s one thing to consider, methinks.

zoeva 2

I like brushes with a bit of heft, but only because I get the impression that the piece is really well-crafted. That’s just my personal take on that. Zoeva’s quality is comparable to Sigma. Sigma is better but at a much cheaper price point, Zoeva’s brushes are really great alternative.

The brushes feel so soft! Instant favorites include the powder brush, the small crease brush and the angled blush brush.

zoeva 4

The biggest brush in the kit is the powder brush. The bristles, though not as dense, are kitten paw soft. It picks just the right amount of product and evenly spreads it on the face. It’s probably my favorite among the set.

Now some says the star of the set is the Silk Finish brush. I do get why it’s popular. It’s similar to the Real Techniques Expert Face brush and the Sigma F82.


The difference is that the Silk Finish brush has more give because the bristles are longer than both RT Expert and Sigma F82. This is one feature that I like about this brush.

To me, when a brush has a lot of give, there’s less skin tugging. The product spreads evenly and effortlessly on the face. Unfortunately, I have very heavy hands so using stiffer buffer brushes tend to cause unnecessary strain on my skin. I can say that the Expert Face and the F82 are similar to that respect. But with the Silk Finish, I don’t have to work the product in as much!

The Luxe Sheer angled blush brush is another great piece from the kit. Its cream colored bristles feel softer than the powder blush and sweeps color on the face ever so delicately. It’s a great blush brush for super pigmented blushes because it applies color so subtly. This is my second favorite brush from this set.

The Face Shaoe brush I haven’t used yet because I don’t contour my face as much these days. I was thinking of using it for my highlighter but again, I have heavy hands and I was afraid I’d go overboard so this remains unused.

The Concealer Brush is extremely similar to Real Technique’s Deluxe Crease Brush. Let’s be real, you don’t use a brush like this for the crease unless you have really big eyes. Even the PixiWoo sisters use it for buffing concealer under their eyes. I still haven’t used this though I know, from having the Deluxe Crease brush, that I’d get similar results.

My third favorite from the set is the small crease brush! I love this thing! It deposits just enough color on the crease, it gives precision control and it blends colors beautifully!

The Luxe Soft definer is nice too, though I’m not really into it that much. And nope, unfortunately, this is not a dupe for MAC 217, at least as far as I’m concerned. The shape is extremely different. The Smashbox crease brush is the closest dupe I have for the MAC 127. The shape is very similar.

Finally, there’s the wing liner. At first, I wasn’t keen on using this because the bristles are a little sparse but it does a beautiful job of creating crisp lines. It’s lovely!






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