Review: Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel

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I’m back with yet another review, this time a find from Tony Moly. Tony Moly is a Korean beauty brand that specializes in skincare. However, they do have an extensive makeup line too.

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I came across the Pure Eco Snail Moisture gel when I was at Megamall’s beauty department, getting another moisturizer from another brand. I was familiar with Tony Moly’s aloe vera gel, which comes in a huuuuge tub. And I was pretty surprised when I dropped to their counter to find a Snail gel in a huuuuggeee tub! I got excited because snail slime, no matter how disgusting it is, is having a moment in the Asian beauty industry right now. And I’m all over that shit like white on rice!

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Snail slime is exactly what it is, the mucus that snails produce. Some brave soul somehow found that the slime can plump up the skin and smooth out wrinkles. And now there’s a whole beauty industry dedicated to snail slime, how awesome is that?

As for the product, it comes in a really large container with a lid that closes pretty tight. It’s a no frills gel with a refreshing scent. The scent isn’t as strong and I quite like it.

The gel is clear, light and absorbs quickly into the skin.  Methinks this gel works as a great primer.

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Because the container is a tub, you’ll have to find ways to scoop the product out hygienically. In all honesty, I don’t have a scooper so I use clean fingers to get the product ( usually after washing my face).

Although it’s hydrating, it’s not enough for my super dry skin. I find that the skin around my mouth remains “tight” after putting this on. I tend to layer with another moisturizer just to hydrate this area.

While the product sinks into the skin readily, the skin surface remains tacky for several minutes. I don’t know why but it just leaves a sticky film that does not go away quickly. This is the reason why this makes an excellent primer though. So even if it’s light and fast-absorbing, I wouldn’t use this in the morning unless as a primer.

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Overall, I like this product but for reasons beyond its intended purpose. In a pinch, this will moisturize the skin. But for parched skin that needs deep hydration, you’ll have to look for a richer moisturizer. Also, I think this broke me out a bit. So if you have sensitive skin, this might irritate your skin.

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