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I really didn’t think much about highlighter because I want my face 90s matte. I dunno, I like how models from magazines looked with their dewy skin but in real life, I don’t want to look all slick and glowy. I felt that shiny looking skin doesn’t suit me at all. My sister introduced me to the idea of using highlighters when she took home a highlighting stick by TopShop called Prizm. But for more than a year, the tube of highlighter was left sitting in the bottom of my stash, untouched, unloved, unappreciated.

Ironically, after my sister left, I tried it out. I’ve watched enough YouTube tutorials to know the right places to add the highlighter and I gotta say, the subtle gleam on the high points of my cheeks is flattering! It wasn’t long before I developed the habit using the highlighter as part of my makeup routine. But the thing was, the stick was in cream form and to me, it seemed like it never sets to powder. Don’t get me wrong, the subtle sheen it yields stays on for hours but I get an icky feeling whenever I accidentally touch my face and feel how “wet” the product was, and how it just sits there.

mary lou mary

So, I decided to check out powder highlighters, did a bunch of research on the subject and eventually decided to give the theBalm Mary Lou-minizer a try. One of the reasons that made me pick up theBalm Mary Lou-minizer was Christine of Temptalia’s raves about said highlighter.

I read somewhere that those with warm skin tone will look best with gold or champagne highlighters. theBalm Mary Lou-minizer is a true champagne powder highlighter and it complements my skin perfectly. I love how you only need a whisper of the stuff and how gorgeous it looks on the skin! It does not emphasize my pores at all and it’s fairly affordable. I really cannot find any fault with the formula. theBalm Mary Lou-minizer stays on my skin for hours until I take it off.


When applying Mary Lou-Manizer, I use a fan brush, dipped ever so slightly on the pan. I just lightly dab the highlighter on my cheekbones and cupid’s bow and blend out the harsh lines. Voila, love the overall effect! Best of all, it doesn’t look and feel like the highlighter is just sitting on my face. It imparts a lit-from-within glow! A word of caution though, it’s easy to overdo highlighters as it is but this one requires a light hand in application.

With a fantastic formula, a fabulous glow and tons of product in every pan, theBalm’s Mary Lou-minizer is a total must-have! I know this highlighter will take me years to finish up but I’d gladly purchase again and again!




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