Review: Soak Artisan Soap Bath Bomb Trio

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Yes, this is a long overdue review. Forgive me, homegirl’s gotta hustle! As you know, I ordered Soak Artisan Soap’s bath bomb trio eons ago because Lush is so, so far away. Soak Artisan Soap is a local indie brand that specializes in bath essentials. They sell everything from artisanal soap – hence the name – to room scents and bath fizzies.

What is it: Soak Artisan Soap Bath Bomb Trio

The Soak Artisan Soap Bath Bomb trio is comprised of 3 mini bath fizzers: Party Beach, Poison Berry, and Sweet Dreams. I ordered the trio online using my mobile phone so the entire process was straightforward. I was supposed to get the full-sized versions of the bath bombs but a rep said they were no longer available.

Quality and Packaging

The parcel came 2 to 3 days after completing the order. The bath bombs came in a brown box and wrapped in shredded paper. Each bath bomb has a plastic seal but the scent still seeps through the packaging.

Right off the bat, I knew the fragrance was too strong. I won’t lie, it triggered my migraine. I’m not sensitive to scents but there are fragrances that I cannot stand. Orange-y scent is one of them. I didn’t detect any orange-y scent at all. Maybe it has patchouli, ylang-ylang or something, I don’t know. I checked the website and the ingredients/fragrances were not listed.

Don’t get me wrong, the bath bombs smelled rather delicious but something about the fragrance induces my headache.  It was so bad that I seriously thought about giving these to others rather than use them myself. I just didn’t want to deal with a raging migraine while I’m on vacation.

But in the end, I still traveled with the bath bombs but I packed them in a tightly sealed plastic bag. This way, my things won’t absorb the fragrance. I also packed these with my swimmies so the fragrance will wear off as soon as we hit the beach.


I used the lavender-scented one on our first night in the city. I did a bath cocktail so the scent won’t be as strong. I added heaps of The Body Shop’s Almond Milk & Honey Calming and Caring Bath Milk (a fave, review soon!) + Johnson’s Baby Milk and Rice Bath. I added several squirts of Mumuso banana milk bath salt for good measure.

When I dropped the bath bomb in the scented water, it wasn’t fizzing a lot. I guess I was so used to Lush’s awesome bath bombs that I was surprised how weak the fizzing was. It did, however, transform my bath water to a glorious lavender color!

On the next night, I decided to use two of the bath bombs at the same time. Again, I did a bath cocktail, mixing two different bubble bath + bath salts so the fragrance of the fizzies isn’t as strong.

Same results, the bath bombs weren’t as fizzy as I hoped. I guess the bath bombs could use more baking soda or citric acid, who knows. The diluted scent was nice, especially when mixed with other bubble bath products.

Final Thoughts

The Soak Artisan Soap Bath Bomb Trio was a good buy but not a life-changing product. It didn’t blow me away and the fragrance is cloying and intense. But for the price, I thought this was a reasonable purchase. I wish the products dissolved in a frenetic fizz though, that’s the best part about using bath bombs. The fizz was just meh. Would I repurchase? Probably.

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