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I was looking for a great facial mist the other day and came across a great one from Snoe (more one that in the future). Y’all know how impressed I was with Snoe’s It’s Oat-k, It’s Alright Foaming Cleansing Oil and since I have great experience with the brand, I didn’t think twice about picking out another skin care item from them. One of which is their longtime bestselling product, the Emu.Tox serum. It’s a gel type serum/moisturizer fortified with Australian Emu Oil and Acai berry.


I didn’t bother doing a patch test because that’s how I roll. It’s pretty affordable at PhP500+ I think but I’m a bit frustrated because Snoe seems to keep hiking up the prices in such a short period of time. I remember when they were selling really affordable makeup skin care a couple of years ago but now, most of their stuff are PhP300+ and up! That said, this is skin care and I understand why the price points are much higher.

Anyway, I gave this a try because I was looking for something to nourish my skin even more. Ever since I started smoothing over argan oil on my face, my skin has been on its best behavior. I swear, my skin is so smooth and plump, it felt really alien to me! So now I’m looking to boost up the moisture even further by augmenting my current skin regiment with a face serum. Since Snoe had a great track record, I told myself their Emu.Tox serum seems like a great choice for my skin.

I got the It’s Oat-K Facial mist and the Emu.Tox and used them simultaneously and big mistake! I broke out like crazy. Like, a day after (I began using both for four days) I first used it, I got little pimply things growing on the inner of my cheeks and my chin. I ignored it thinking I might be PMS-ing (I was in denial because I know I wasn’t PMS-ing) but it wasn’t the case because after four days of dealing with the small pimples on my face, I stopped using BOTH the Emu.Tox and the It’s Oat-K Hydrating Facial mist and went back to my trusty Clinique DDM and the Oil fo Argan Argan oil. I made sure to slather argan oil on my face twice daily too for faster healing. Two days later, my skin calmed down and though the weird red marks are still visible on my face, they flattened out completely.



And because a picture says a thousand words, check out my mug above. It’s not obvious but my skin was hella calmer by the time I took a picture. Yes, my skin look oily because I just smooth over argan oil to hasten the healing process. As you can see, there’s still redness and the marks are still pretty obvious but they are also flattened out and looked like they’re about to go away soon (hopefully).



It was a complete letdown because now, I don’t know which product irritated my skin. I’m thinking of waiting it out for a couple of days until my skin recovers completely and will test each one on their own. This way, I will track down which product caused me to break out. I’m a bit disappointed since the Emu.Tox felt so refreshing against my skin. It goes on light, has a slight cooling effect and sinks to the skin in seconds. It makes a great primer too!

It does have a strange fruity-milky smell that I don’t like. The scent isn’t overpowering and it’s a lot different from the pleasant fruity-milk smell I associate with the It’s Oat-K Cleansing Oil, which I’m a fan of.


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