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Lawrd, I never had to work this hard for shimmers to show up on my peepers until the Smashbox Full Exposure palette came along. Fair warning, this palette is not for newbies (like myself). I did read reviews about how problematic the shimmers were but paid no attention because one look at the row of mattes and I’m smitten! full I know they say shimmery eyeshadows make one’s fine lines stand out but I don’t care, I love me some shimmerz! The fact is, all shimmers with the the exception of S4 (shimmer4) are very dry, do not adhere well on the skin and the fallout is a nightmare! I literally end up looking like I tripped facedown on a mound of glitter. The glitter are weirdly chunky and you need to “stab” the surface to get a decent pass on the skin. The pigment of the shimmers do not translate well on the skin either and I tried four different ways to apply the shimmers. Yeah, I was that committed to make this work!


On bare skin, forget it. It will only cause a sparkly mess on the face. Again, the shadows do not adhere well on the skin so glitters go everywhere except the eyes! With a primer, it looks okay but your skin will literally feel sore from all the patting. With a cream shadow base, color looks better with lesser fallout. Applied with a damp brush and you get decent results. Therefore, the last technique works the best. I was quite taken aback at how hard I had to work for the shimmers since I have the Smashbox Pop Studio Ultimate palette from the other year and it’s full of shimmers. The formula was superb, some colors even comparable to that of Urban Decay as far as quality goes. So despite the mixed reviews, I have, from experience, loved their formula and felt that maybe, just maybe, the critics were wrong!


Yeah, that’s the last time I’ll go against the critics, hahaha! I’ll stick with UD shimmers from now on. As for the mattes, they are lovely! Not UD level lovely but close. Each one of the mattes applied with ease, they are very soft and not powdery at all.

I bought the palette because not a lot of makeup brands come up with palettes with more mattes included and with the exception of Lorac Pro and Laura Mercier’s Artist Palette, this is one of the few that actually offers fabulous matte shades that work as transitional colors.

Do I regret buying this palette? A slight tinge of regret yes. If it wasn’t for the quality of the mattes and the fantastic full-sizedduo- brush that came with it, I would’ve thought twice about getting this palette.

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  1. Hi! Just want to say I feel the same way about this palette! I was won over by the mattes and the brush but the shimmers are way too disappointing.

    Thank you for this review!

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