Review: Purederm Argan Makeup Remover Wipes

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Oh hai! I’m still recovering from the long weekend! Now I’m back here in my little desk working these fingers to the bone. I’m giving a short review of a new-ish product I got from Watson’s, the Purederm Argan Makeup Remover Wipes. These come in two variants: Argan and Collagen. I tried both and liked this one better. I am on my third pack.

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Before the wipes, I used Bifesta Micellar Water and Nivea Makeup remover wipes. Between the two, I like the Bifesta makeup remover. But I was lazy using that for so long I was ready to try other products.

I used Nivea makeup remover and was on my second pack when I decided not to repurchase anymore. The wipes were so freakin’ dry. The first time I thought I got a dud. The second time I bought it, the wipes are still dry so after finishing that off, never getting another again.

Purederm Argan makeup remover wipes contain more wipes than Nivea’s (30 wipes, Nivea only had 28). The wipes are also well-saturated by the makeup remover. The package is well-made and didn’t dry out the product either (it’s resealable, you see).

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As far as performance go, I thought it did an OK job. Bifesta is still better but I say, it’s still a better choice than Nivea’s. I had no problems with the formulation especially now that I am using a new sunblock that’s far easier to remove than my old one. My face felt clean after a good wipe down. But like a proper Asian, I double cleanse to make sure there’s no residue. I love pairing this with Snoe’s foaming cleansing oil. You know I love that shit.

There is a limited number of brands that offer makeup removers in wipes. I dunno, maybe not a lot of gals are as lazy as me, hahahaa! I actually like makeup remover wipes now.

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