Review: Plaza Mocha Desserts and Drinks

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As much as I love all the delectable dishes that Plaza Mocha serves, I often go there for the desserts. Back when Plaza Mocha wasn’t the bustling cafe that it is now, I’ve told my then-boyf that their cheesecakes are so much better than Starbucks’ and years later, I still feel the same!

Today I’ll be giving a short review on some of the desserts I’ve tried at Plaza Mocha. Their menu isn’t consistent so some desserts may no longer be available. I’ll be dividing the reviews into two parts, desserts and drinks… and by drinks, I mean smoothies and frappes.

Avocado Cheesecake

Avocado flavored desserts are my jam, I’m crazy about it. That’s why I was so ecstatic when Plaza Mocha came out with their avocado-based desserts! This seasonal cheesecake is good. I love the combination of caramel sauce and the smooth, creamy cheesecake. Love the avocado bits with every bite. Plaza Mocha never scrimps on the ingredients.

Unfortunately, I was able to sample the creampie first (review below) before the cheesecake version. I like the creampie better, to be honest. The avocado cheesecake’s flavor isn’t as pronounced.  Still, I would order this in a heartbeat just because I’m crezi for avocado.

Blueberry Grilled Sandwich

This is a sandwich made with three layers of toasted bread and a generous helping of blueberry jam and melty cheese. I feel guilty whenever I order this because I know how calorific this must be but lawrd, love the delectable combination! The mildness of the mozzarella cheese and the sweet-tart flavor of blueberries work so well together.

The bread slices were toasted perfectly so there is a satisfying crunch as you bite into the sandwich. The gooey cheese oozing from the sides, fantastic mouthfeel. This is one of my favorites!

Classic Cheesecake

Plaza Mocha’s classic New York Cheesecake is delightfully dense, smooth, and velvety. The strawberry sauce goes so well with the mild, milky flavor of the cheesecake and the slight tartness. This is my husband’s favorite flavor.

Guys, this is where it gets tricky, I don’t know the names of the cheesecake but I do know what they tasted like so bear with me.

Chocolate Yogurt Strawberry Cheesecake

This is more indulgent than your ordinary cheesecake, there’s a lot of things going on here. Strawberries and chocolate are a classic combination for a reason and this cake, it’s good albeit a little different from their usual offering.

But you know what, different is good. I like it when their pasty chef comes out with different desserts because I feel that she’s having fun with the flavors, you know? I love that the cheesecake base is not excessively sweet and the luxurious texture, terrific! The strawberry compote lends its own sweet-tart flavors into the mix.

Kiwi Cheesecake

This is one of Plaza Mocha’s rarer offerings and it certainly got us curious. Unlike the avocado cheesecake in which the avocado flavor barely registers, the kiwi cheesecake does taste like kiwi. This is my husband’s favorite!

It’s creamy, smooth, and it had loads of kiwi bits. I love kiwi the fruit so this cheesecake version is a real treat!

Blueberry Cheesecake

This is a classic cheesecake flavor and it’s honestly one of Plaza Mocha’s best-tasting cheesecake variants. It’s wholesome, familiar, sincere, and it hits the spot like nothing else. I love the generous smattering of blueberry preserves, which complements the umami flavor of the cream layer. Definitely worth a try!

Avocado Creampie

Without a doubt, the unicorn of all cheesecake flavors at Plaza Mocha, the avocado cream pie is so good. It’s hands down my favorite but dammit it, it never came back.

Now, some might say this is an ordinary cheesecake but the consistency is less dense, almost runny so personally, it doesn’t qualify as a cheesecake. You can see the tip of the cheesecake slice, it’s almost jelly-like.

I’ve always wanted to try Margarita Forés’ avocado cream pie, which she serves at her Grace Park resto. This could be the closest I’ll ever get to try Ms. Forés’ avocado cream pie.

Anyway, amazing flavors and texture. The cream base is smooth and soft but not soggy. The avocado flavor is robust, just the way I like it. There were bits of the fruit in the base too, which was a nice touch. I enjoyed this cake so much, I went back a few days later to order again but it’s been reincarnated as a cheesecake. And it didn’t taste the same. I was crestfallen! Bring this back dammit!

Chocolate Caramel Cake (?)

Dense, flavorful cake smothered with a generous layer of smoky caramel. It’s not as sweet as it looks, which I like. I hate cakes that are overly sweet, this one’s just right. The serving is quite massive too, perfect for sharing!

Black Forest Frappe (?)

Guys, I’m bad with names, you’re gonna have to bear with me! This is one of Plaza Mocha’s earliest cold drinks and it’s still my favorite. This could be the first drink I ordered when I dined at Plaza Mocha back when the cafe was but a wee baby!

As you can see, it’s a pretty sweet drink with all the trimmings, not recommended for diabetics, hehe. I love this drink because I love Black Forest anything! The generous swirl of whipped cream on top deserves a shoutout!

Matcha Green Tea Latte

I don’t really get the matcha craze to be honest. I tasted green tea KitKat and wasn’t really moved by it. That’s the reason why I didn’t order this drink until recently. It’s surprisingly good, it’s creamy, heartwarming, and delicious. It’s not bitter but the green tea flavor is robust. This is one of my husband’s favorite drinks and he orders this whenever he can’t have coffee!

I have drank a shit ton of hot and cold beverages at Plaza Mocha and I hate that I cannot remember them all! I will say, however, that the brewed coffee (classic Americano, I think), the Passion Fruit iced tea Piña colada iced tea, and latte are a must-try. The milkshakes are great too. In addition, any of Plaza Mocha’s deluxe sandwiches are so, so good but my fave (apart from the blueberry grilled sammich) is the one with bacon and eggs because bacon.

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