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I know I already featured the Oil of Argan Argan Oil and this is just a follow-up to my first impressions of the product. I’d like to talk about the argan oil, in a general sense. If you’re like me who couldn’t even fanthom the idea of putting oil on her face, the argan oil used as a moisturizer or as a serum will change your skin completely. I can’t even…


First, I can’t believe it took me this long to try the whole oil-on-yo-face thing. I heard that you get the same effects by using extra virgin coconut oil. Not sure about that because I’ve never tried it myself but ladies, leave your preconceived notions about adding oil on your face at the door because argan oil is the BOMB.

I used to have dry, rough, dull skin. Then I started having weird breakouts that came from nowhere and I had a lot of ugleh cystic pimples and acne scars. It was never this bad when I was a teen. Out of desperation, I decided to give face oils a try. I was meaning to get the Josie Maran one but to be honest, I didn’t want to deal with 30 days of waiting. So I sought out local brands that source argan oil from Morocco.I found a great one, Oil of Argan Argan Oil brand.

Initially, I was super disappointed that they only sell their products online. Then I discovered that  Sensou Nature Source, a little kiosk from the local mall, actually sell the stuff!  I was so happy I didn’t have to got through the usual waiting and wringing the fingers as I wait for the package had I ordered online and snatched a couple of these bad boys up.

So when I got to testing, I was a bit wary at how thick the oil was. I was thinking, this stuff will clog the pores in my nose for sure. But because I’m desperate like that, I went on with it and slathered my face with two pumps worth of the product and left my whole face to marinate in oil overnight.

The morning after, I could not believe I was touching my own skin. At the risk of sounding like a raving maniac, it felt like another person’s skin, not mine. I was so used to my rough, dry skin that the smoothness I felt was so… alien to me. No roughness, no oiliness just plump, super smooth skin. I was hooked!


Now I make sure to apply a drop or two of argan oil on my face right before going to bed and in the morning. I have used up a bottle and I can say the results I got the first time was consistent. I never broke out, I never oiled up and my skin has never been smoother, more youthful looking. I’m actually on my second bottle now and have plans to hoard a couple more next week.

What I love most about the argan oil is it didn’t break me out and it doesn’t cause milia. So it’s safe to use around the eye area without fear of developing pesky sebum-filled grossness.

I also tend to slather argan oil whenever I get hormonal acne or when my skin is acting out because I used something that irritated it. I would simplify my skincare routine to Clinique moisturizer, Eskinol and Argan oil day and night and within a couple of days, the cystic pimples are almost gone.


BTW, above is a look at the state of my skin right now. Excuse the poorly blended brows, I snapped this photo way too quickly.  I only applied an extremely thin layer of BB cream in the middle of my face, the sides of my face are free from any base product, just a whisper of MAC blot powder to set the BB cream. I didn’t even bother covering the huge zit scar on my forehead because well, it was an open wound and I didn’t to aggravate its general juicy grossness.

Right. So, the point of the story is oil can be your skin’s best friend. Granted, you need to find the right oil otherwise, you’d end up looking like a really shiny, greasy mess. Ideally, you want to find a facial oil that’s cold-pressed, is 100% organic and fair trade. Although I am open to try other facial oils, my go-to is Oil of Argan Argan oil, the price is very reasonable, it’s organic and I believe their argan oil is pure. For those interested, Oil of Argan’s Facebook page is here.


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    • Hi Robert, that would depend on how often and how much you apply. For my, I use about three pumps per night so a bottle could last for 2 to 3 months 🙂

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