Review: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture SPF 50

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I love a good sunblock and for me, Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch is a go-to especially when I am on the beach. But I find that the name “Ultra Sheer” is a bit misleading because this kind of sunblock is pretty thick so it’s not ideal to use under makeup especially when you live in the tropics like I do. Not like I didn’t try to make it work. Several times, I used the Ultra Sheer Dry Touch and my skin felt sticky all day, like I have a mask of greasy mess on my mug! So, I decided to skip wearing sunblock altogether and turned to moisturizers with sunblock (bad choice, I know but I rarely ever go out). And I went on like this for years!


I have been very, very lax about sun protection mainly because I never see manifestations of my own carelessness. So fast-forward a couple of weeks ago, I started noticing that my forehead freckles seemed to be multiplying! Holy schnitzel! I literally tripped all over myself looking for a sunblock after that.


Of course, being a long-time Neutrogena user (I started using Neutrogena moisturizers when I was 18), I went to my local Watson’s checking out sunblocks from the brand. I wanted something light, nourishing while also offering great protection from the sun. I almost jumped on the Ultra Sheer Dry Touch but thank goodness I found two lighter alternatives, the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture and the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock. Both offers SPF 50 and come in similar packaging though the latter comes in a smaller bottle.

I asked the sales rep the difference between two products and she said the former is meant to be a sunblock/moisturizer while the other is just plain sunblock. I actually thought about getting the smaller bottle because I was mainly looking for a sunblock, not a moisturizer but changed my mind at the last second, opting for the more nourishing formula. God knows these dry patches around my mouth need to disappear, pronto!


I was hoping it’s as lightweight and sheer as Neutrogena claimed the product to be. Because let’s face it, Ultra Sheer Dry Touch is anything but! The next day, I busted out the Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture. The product itself is somewhat watery and milky and if you spread it evenly on the face, it sheers out. Although it’s not marketed as a primer, I use it as such. But to get the best possible results, you need to let the product sink into the skin before applying your foundation. Why? Foundie will either pool into little lines on the face and will look cake-y or makeup slips and slides.

This does not spread easily on the face so I suppose you can prep the face with a light moisturizer prior to using Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture. But frankly, I don’t use a day moisturizer when I use this sunblock. When you live in the tropics, you want to use as little face products as possible or you end in a sticky situation (sorry!) by mid-morning.

Spreading the liquid can be taxing too because if you’re starting with clean face, you’ll tug your skin, the liquid does not smooth out without a fight, hahaha! So yeah, watch out! I use Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture under my BB cream or liquid foundation and I buff everything in evenly so there’s no weird patches. I’m happy to report that it is as sheer and lightweight as Neutrogena claims it to be. This could be the most lightweight sunblock I have the pleasure of wearing! It can get uncomfortable during warmer season but I just bring my MAC blot powder to take off the shine on my T-zone.

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I love this stuff! I read that some felt the product is pricy because it’s only 30 ml. for PhP450 but I think it’s priced reasonably. Also, I have a feeling this is an Asian exclusive because I didn’t see any reviews of the Ultra Sheer Complete UV Moisture from western beauty bloggers. Don’t quote me on that though. My only gripe is: I wish this came in a bigger bottle. I’m totally re-purchasing!




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