Review: Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm

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I hate drinking water. Yes, not drinking enough water is bad for you and in my case, it made my skin extremely dry. My lips are so parched, they crack and bleed sometimes.

I love Watson’s because it really is a one-stop shop for beauty and wellness essentials. I know a lip balm seems such a trivial thing but for gals with extremely dry lips like yours truly, it’s an essential. I always have a lip balm in every corner of my home. I have one near my bed, another in my vanity, and another in my home office. I also keep a lip balm in my bag.

I don’t usually stick to a specific brand but I find that the Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm is one of the best I’ve tried so far. As my sister said, it’s the real deal and I’ll tell you why!

What is it: Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm

According to the brand, Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm is infused with certified organic argan oil from Morocco. The lip balm promotes repair while boosting extra moisture to heal and protect the lips.

As far as the packaging goes, it’s not something worth writing home about if you get my drift. It’s a simple cardboard packaging with a label and gold and brown color scheme that matches the lip balm. But check the ingredients and you’ll see that it doesn’t contain oil byproduct or petroleum.

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The Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm is made from a special blend of “98 natural ingredients” to soften and moisturize the lips. These ingredients include natural beeswax, olive oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil.


The product itself looks like a plain, colorless lip balm. It has a strong floral fragrance that might be too cloying for those with sensitive noses. I hate the scent, to be honest, and I wish this is fragrance-free.

A thin layer of lip balm is all you need to moisturize the lips. The lip balm feels waxy but not sticky. As you can see, the product didn’t alter the color of my lips at all. Yes my lips are quite dark no thanks to more a decade of smoking (smoking’s bad y’all!).

Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm

It doesn’t take a long time before you feel the effects of the balm, my lips are instantly softened the minute I apply the product. This goes no matter how dry my lips are! When I use this at night, I always wake up to super soft, flake-free lips.

Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm

I’ve also applied this to the sides of my nose, which is always extremely flaky! The Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm did a great job of moisturizing dry spots and soothing the itchiness. It didn’t break me out although I limit the application to the sides of my nose and the skin around the mouth.

Final Thoughts

The Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm is a fantastic lip balm, easily the best one I have in my kit. I’ve used many lip balms before but not one was able to moisturize my perpetually dry lips quite like the Naturals By Watsons Argan Oil Lip Balm. I have several backups of this lip balm because home girl needs her fix! Thankfully, this lip balm is quite affordable. Highly recommended!


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