Review: Mumuso White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner

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Korea is a treasure trove of beauty products and I’m quite happy that some of the best Korean beauty brands have entered the local market. I’m a fan of Korean makeup but not much when it comes to skin care.

As you know, I can be pretty particular when it comes to things that I put on my skin. This makes me a bad skin care reviewer if I’m being honest. Since I know what works for my skin, I have a set of products that I use on the daily.

Introducing a new skin care product could either enhance or ruin my set routine. This means I can’t be too adventurous in terms of what skin care products to use. Otherwise, I’d get a bad breakout. I get downright batty when I get a pimple.

I’ve tried different Korean skin care brands but the only skin care product that I liked is the Missha BB cream.

My problem with Korean skin care products is the consistency of the formula and how it sits on the skin. Most Korean skin creams are so thick, they are made for cooler climates. Even the gels aren’t really light enough for every day, in my experience. Most do not sink well into the skin, they have a certain tackiness to them that do not go away completely.

This is okay if say, it’s daytime. You could always use a finishing powder to reduce the tackiness. But at night, it’s a different story. Have you tried sleeping with your face all sticky and shit?

Yes, I am cautious when it comes to skin care but I do like experimenting sometimes. This is where Mumuso White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner comes in. I was in Pampanga a month a go and went to Mumuso for a look see. This is one of the products that caught my eye. I was actually hunting for the rose toner – Mumuso’s most popular product – but alas, it’s out of stock.

What is it: White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner

Mumuso is a popular Korean brand that sells everything from bathroom bins to eyeliners. The shops are quite similar to a dollar store except the aesthetics are quite minimalist. Seeing the beauty aisle for the first time, I went bug-eyed with excitement. I didn’t know what product to get because it was my first time visiting the store.

I was supposed to get the rose water gel toner but alas, it’s not available. I settled for the Mumuso White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner instead. Right off the bat, I have mixed feelings about the texture. It’s a gel so it should be lightweight, right?

The Mumuso White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner has pretty packaging. It looks more expensive than it really is. The toner has bits of Camellia flower petals. I believe I paid PhP 130+ for a bottle so I wasn’t expecting much from this toner.


The Mumuso White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner applies the same way as an ordinary toner. But in Korea with its famed 10-step skin care routine, there are different types of toners. Mumuso White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner’s gel-like texture is similar to an emulsion or a skin softener.

The flower petals weren’t dispensed together with the toner even when you give the bottle a good squeeze. I apply this toner in the evenings, before applying my moisturizer and serum. I’ve used this product for only a week or so, which I know is such a short time to test skin care. That’s because my skin started getting rougher a few days after using this toner.

I disliked how sticky my face was after application. Thankfully, the tackiness goes away after applying my moisturizer. The product sinks into the skin but not as fast as I’d like.

It’s hard to say if it softened my skin or it brightened my skin tone because of the short testing. I will say, however, that it made my skin slightly bumpy and noticeably rough. That’s pretty much the reason why I stopped using it. I didn’t see any positive result on my skin.

Final Thoughts

The Mumuso White Camellia Water Petal Flower Toner might work for some people but it’s a no for me. It’s an affordable product, no doubt about it. But the formula, I’m just not “hiyang” (a Filipino term that literally translates to “compatible.”)

Do I recommend it? It’s hard to say. I don’t recommend this for those with sensitive skin but this might work for those with extra thirsty skin looking for a good bargain product.

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