Review: Mumuso Lip Gloss

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By now most beauties are familiar with the Mumuso brand. It’s a China-based Korean-inspired store chain that sells everything from bath essentials to straw hats. Yes, there’s something for everyone at Mumuso and I dropped by to get a couple of lip products.

Funny story, I picked up the Mumuso lipgloss in Davao because I forgot to pack a lipstick! I had a highlighter, powder foundation, eyebrow pencil, a damn eyeliner + 4 different brushes yet I forgot to pack a lipstick! As my husband quipped, “that’s so unlike you.”

I can tell you how worried I was, frolicking on the beach with zero lip protection. So as soon as we headed to the mainland, we went to the nearest mall for a lipstick. Mumuso’s lippy collection is extensive but nothing really tugged at my heartstrings while browsing. That’s why I only got a lip gloss and a lip balm.

What is it: Mumuso Lip Gloss

Forgive me if the name of the lip gloss is too general, the packaging info was written in Korean text. Essentially, this is a pigmented lip gloss with a tacky finish for impressive staying power.

Not a lot of information about this product, sadly. According to my research, this comes in several shades but only one shade was available at Mumuso Davao.


The packaging is really nice, you wouldn’t think it is a cheap lip gloss. I got this for like, PhP 190-200 and the packaging is better than some lip glosses I’ve seen from the same price range. The product is housed in a triangular packaging. The lip gloss itself comes in a white plastic tube with a long doe-foot applicator. The applicator is quite nice, it applies the product evenly.

I got the tomato-red variant. It’s not a true red, more like orange-red. The shade is a knockout, it instantly brightens the skin and transforms any look. I am not a huge fan of lip glosses because they’re quite sticky. This is the reason why this review took this long, I totally forgot I had this lip gloss!

The good news is, the tackiness prolongs the staying power of the lip gloss. The Mumuso lip gloss wears like iron. It can survive a  meal! The pigmentation is impressive too. It’s so pigmented that it leaves a lasting stain on the lips. It doesn’t fade unevenly, which is another thing that I liked about this product.

The lipgloss has no discernible scent, which is nice. It feels comforting on the lips and it’s not drying at all. Also, the product gave my lips an even appearance. It eliminated my lip lines, making my lips look soft, plush, and pumped up.

Although this lip gloss isn’t as sticky as others that I’ve tried, it has a tackiness that never goes away throughout the wear. Also, this is the kind of shade that flatters warmer skin tone though it makes my teeth appear yellowish. Let’s not forget the fact that my hair sticks to my lips the same way it does when one wears this kind of lipgloss.

Still, for under PhP 200, this is a terrific buy! The product bleeds a little so make sure to 1) apply to lined lips and/or 2) avoid overlining the lips.

Swatch Party!

By the way, since my camera is crappy, the shade looks a little light or milky in photos. But IRL, it’s a deeper red-orange.

Final Thoughts

I love a good lip product and the Mumuso lip gloss is just that and more. It’s affordable, it wears like iron, and it’s non-drying too! The finish is something that I’m not too crazy about but it’s not as sticky as other lip glosses. I wish more shades were available! Highly recommended 🙂

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