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I got the Missha BB Boomer along with the Perfect Cover BB cream I purchased a few weeks ago. The BB boomer cream is such a weird product, to be quite honest. You’re supposed to spread this across the face before the BB cream and it’s said to boost the performance and wear of the BB cream. The BB boomer has a pink-blue sheen and it comes in a light cream, almost gel-based formula.


At first, I thought this has to be a primer. I mean, the boomer was supposed to improve the wear time of the BB cream and we all know that’s basically what a primer does. But having used this several times, I find that it did nothing to improve the wear time of my BB cream. In fact, this didn’t even blur out my pores nor did it help prevent oiliness. It just sits there doing absolutely nothing.


I thought this just might be an isolated case but after a little digging, and by that I mean scouring for user reviews, I found out that many women felt the same way. Some women do recommend this as a highlighter instead. They said it’s great dupe for MAC strobe cream.

Worn underneath and as highlighter on top of the cheekbones

From the pic above, I applied a thin layer of the BB booster underneath my BB cream then patted a couple of dots on top of my cheekbones and in the middle of my forehead (just above where my brows meet). The sheen isn’t all that bold and the product¬†does fade considerably fast as a highlighter.

The Missha BB Boomer is by no means a complete dud. I think I just need to find a good technique in order to maximize its use? I’m not sure either. I’m just glad I got a travel size sample rather than shelling out money for it.





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