Review: Miss Bella PH Acrylic Organizers

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Disclaimer: Not a paid post. All items featured in this post were bought using my own monies.

Are you a neat freak? Love organizing your vanity like I do? You’ll love acrylic organizers! Muji is a great place for clear organizers but they’re hella expensive. If you’re looking for affordable acrylic organizers to tidy up your vanity, try shopping at Miss Bella PH.

Miss Bella PH

Miss Bella PH is a beauty junkie’s haven for makeup organizers. The online store has everything from rotating lippy towers to makeup brush cases! The selection is surprisingly vast. That’s great news for those looking for specialized organizers.

I picked up two acrylic organizers from Miss Bella PH: the Carrie and Tiffany 3 Drawer Cosmetic Organizer Set. Here’s a quick review:

The Process

Miss Bella PH has an online store and this is the platform you’ll use to send your orders too. I don’t think the seller accepts orders from casual pings or personal messages.

Miss Bella PH

From the website, there’s a catalog of products from the collection. Just choose the product you want and add the item to your cart. Once you’re done, fill out the order form and hit submit. Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation email and order is complete.

I completed the orders using my mobile phone so it was an easy process. My order arrived within 4 to 5 days, which is kinda slow but it’s fine. The items came well packed, bubble-wrapped and all!

The Organizers

Since I bought the more affordable organizers from Miss Bella PH (PhP750 a pop), I was slightly worried that the quality would be crappy. Thankfully, the organizers are pretty durable. The acrylic material is thick and it could withstand a few bumps.

Miss Bella PH
Tiffany Organizer

These organizers look similar but how the drawers are laid out is different. The first variant (Tiffany) has three drawers and a removable top tray.

Miss Bella PH
Carrie Organizer

The other one (Carrie) has 2 mini drawers, 2 large drawers, and a removable top tray. The style of the trays is different too.

I love both organizers, they are so stylish and functional. They make my vanity look ten times better. I love how roomy each drawer is, it can store several full-sized makeup brushes! The top tray is fantastic too. It kept my lippies organized and within easy reach.

Miss Bella PH

However, one of the removable trays I got was badly damaged. I suppose the tray got bonked pretty hard during shipping. I emailed Miss Bella PH about the issue and the seller promptly sent a replacement! I didn’t have to ship the damaged item back to the seller, which is convenient. Took a couple of days before I got the replacement tray but that was fine.

Miss Bella PH

Final Thoughts

The ordering process was so easy and straightforward. The items themselves are so chica and functional.  The organizers are also priced right, although some items from the website are a little on the expensive side.

I love the fact that Miss Bella PH’s customer service is prompt too. I got my replacement tray without bugging the rep at all. Overall, I love Miss Bella PH! I would definitely order again if I’m in the market for more makeup organizers.

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