Review: Maybelline ColorSensational Mattes in Nude Nuance & Clay Crush

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I hate browns with a passion, I really do. But for fear of missing out, I picked a couple of brown lipsticks from Maybelline’s newest line of nude lippies!

Even as a teen, I stayed away from brown lipsticks. This was way back in the late 90s when a brown lip was everything. The closest that I got to wear brown was when I sported a peachy-brown Wet n’ Wild lip gloss in college. I got teased for it because the gloss was so shiny, it’s as if “I ate lechon” or something oily.

Even then, I only bought that shade because my friend, Cess, said I should get one. I gravitate towards popsicle pinks, peaches, and warm reds because these hues brighten my complexion. Browns, not so much.

But since brown lip is trending, I picked up a couple of lippies from Maybelline’s the ColorSensational  Creamy Mattes. I got Nude Nuance (which I heard is always sold out) and Clay Crush.

I tried Nude Nuance (retails for PhP 299) first because it was the shade that stood out in the collection, at least in my eyes. I came across this shade when Christine of Temptalia reviewed several of the lippies in this range. On Christine’s lips, Nude Nuance yielded a light, orange-y brown tint, which looked good against her skin tone.

Swatch party!

Photo 21-08-2016, 9 06 30 AM
Photo 21-08-2016, 9 06 08 AM

On me, the shade looked extremely dark, like really brown. I was sort of mystified by this because Christine’s skin tone is similar to mine (warm-toned NC30-35) so imagine my surprise when Nude Nuance looked so stark against my skin. I do love a nice statement lipstick but I was looking for something subtle in a brown lipstick.

Photo 21-08-2016, 8 48 12 AM

Nude Nuance made every fine line on my lips stand out! The staying power is not great too but that’s expected at this price point.

File 21-08-2016, 9 00 43 AM

The second shade I picked up, Clay Crush, is a pretty, peachy-brown that applied lighter on my lip compared to the bullet but not J-Lo pale kinda nude at all!

Photo 21-08-2016, 9 04 57 AM

Photo 21-08-2016, 9 05 26 AM

I like this better than Nude Nuance because it’s exactly the kind of brown I’d go for. It doesn’t wash me out. This is a nice, everyday brown that pairs well with a smoky eye.

The line’s formula is creamy and opaque with a nice demi-matte finish. The scent is plasticky, which could be a deal breaker for some but I don’t mind it. Although creamy, the formula isn’t hydrating. When it fades (which it does patchily), it has a tendency to feel crusty on the lips.

My only gripe is, it tends to emphasize the lines on my lips. This is part of the reason why I rarely wear mattes, the formula makes my lips look extra pruney. And when I smile, the pigment tend to migrate away from my stretched lip lines, hahaha!

Staying power leaves a lot to be desired. It only lasted about 2 to 3 hours on me and it didn’t survive a drink. But again, at this price point, you can’t expect the formula to last for more than 3 hours, really.

Overall, the lippies from this collection are nice. They are velvety smooth and the colors are trendy. But despite being trendy, I still don’t see myself wearing dark browns. I plan to explore the lighter shades just to see if I can find the perfect peachy nude for me!

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