Review: Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

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I am a long-time Maybelline lover because of their watershine lipstick range. I stuck to a single shade, which was Candy Apple Red for years on end even though Maybelline introduced different iteration of the watershine range.

A little back story, I just got back here in Tarlac and since I am mostly based in the city, I forgot to bring all my makeup with me, including my MAC foundation and Blot powder. Since my concealer isn’t doing a great job at hiding dark blemishes (MAC select cover up) on my left cheek and in the middle of my chin without foundation on top, I had to stop wasting product and get a decent foundation.


Unfortunately, this came around the same time I pre-ordered Urban Decay’s Vice 2 and their Shattered Face Case, both of which are part of their 2013 holiday release (will blog as soon as the package arrives). So needless to say, I’m trying to save a bit of moolah because I cannot justify all these purchases when Christmas is still three months away.

I was looking for a cheaper foundation that will not aggravate my already pot-marked fez and I came across great reviews about Dream Mousse liquid foundation. It seems the Maybelline Dream range is very popular in the US and since I need a nice foundation, I decided to try a Maybelline foundie for the first time. Really, I don’t know what to expect. For drugstore foundie, I usually head to L’oreal because I love their Lumi Magique Foundation and their face powders are awesome but turned to Maybelline instead. (I didn’t even bother to consider Revlon because I loathe their photoready mousse foundie. I oil up within a couple hours of wear!)


Well, I’m glad I did because I ended up falling in love with the Dream Mousse liquid foundation. I was relieved that I got the right shade. I usually forget to research what corresponding shade fits my NC30-NC35 skin when I buy any foundation and with the harsh lighting at the beauty counters, I have to squint really hard and compare before I got the right shade. For Maybelline, it was Sandy beige. Sandy beige Medium 1 to be exact. The salesperson kept pushing the lightest and pinkest shade  because I’m fair daw. But luckily, I know my way around finding the perfect shade.

The texture is sorta gel-like, not mousse-like at all. But it is so plush, so spreadable and blendable! And the coverage, which was medium to heavy, really covered up most of the blemishes on my cheeks but fell short of covering this nasty, almost black blemish on my chin, which you can see from the first pic. This was a thin layer Dream Mousse liquid foundation with no concealer. The second and third picture is my FOTD and as you can see, the finish is flawless. The final picture from the group is my face four hours after application. There’s minor oiliness around the nose and forehead but nothing a little powder can’t fix.


Here’s a bigger picture:


From the reviews I read online, several people did complain of breaking out after using this but I can’t say the same thing. This didn’t break me out at all! In terms of staying power, it’s decent enough, expect maybe 4 to 6 hours of wear before there’s slight oiliness around the T-zone after the 4 hour mark, in my case at least.

Overall, I love the Maybelline Dream Mousse liquid foundation. The staying power is decent, the coverage is enough that you’d go easy on the concealing after and it’s has a lightweight albeit slight tackiness upon application. But if you set it with a finishing powder (I used Ben Nye), the tackiness will go away completely. The texture is the best thing about the product, it’s not watery and very plush. But a little goes a long way, it’s so easy to go overboard with the application so I suggest you concentrate on the inner parts of your face first then spread super thin layers outward the face.

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