Review: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

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One of the major beauty items that I really spend a lot of money on is the base. The base may include concealers, color correctors, primer, and of course, foundation.

Because the climate here in the tropics is always humid, ultra light foundies tend to melt within an hour or two after application and while on the search for the best foundation to wear on my wedding, I went for the MUFE’s Ultra HD Invisible Cover foundation, a reformulated version of their old HD foundation.

This was not the first time I used a foundation from the line. My sister gave me a bottle of the old formula and I remember liking the formula so much, I decided that I’ll totally get the reformulated version (Before this, I was considering the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, another popular long-wearing base).

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover is a silicone-based foundation that’s lightweight and buildable. Since it’s silicone-based, it’s a joy to use but it can dry out your skin if you did not prep properly. I wore this over a primer  (Make Up For Ever Step 1 Primer) to get the smoothest, most long-wearing coverage.

The MUFE Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation costs about PhP2,700 so definitely not the most affordable base on the market. I got the shade 120, which is ideal for fair skinned lasses with a yellow undertone.


What makes the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation different from other foundation is that the coverage is 4K ready, which means the skin will look flawless and skin-like using an HD camera. It takes a while to set but when it does, it wears like iron. What I loved about the foundation is that it gets better the longer you wear it, it’s the strangest thing!

Most foundies tend to break down a few hours after application because of sweat, oil, and humidity but I find that the Invisible Cover foundie maintains its skin-like appearance for longer and the skin actually looks luminous, smooth, and fine as the foundation wears on.


On the image above is a comparison between the older formula (top, 130) and the new formula (bottom, 120).

The older formula is creamier, less spreadable than the new one. The reformulated Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation has a thinner formula that glides easily on the skin. This product is not full coverage, though, you gotta build the product as you go to achieve the desired coverage. Don’t expect the Ultra HD Invisible Cover foundie to cover blemishes because it won’t. You’ll have to color correct and conceal that separately for a flawless face.

The application can be tricky and you’ll have to play with the product to discover the technique that works for you the best. Personally, I used a synthetic buffing brush, the Real Techniques Expert Face brush, simply because the brush allowed me to build up and buff the product slowly and evenly.

The foundation wears well too. During our engagement photo shoot, I had this on for more than 8 hours and it never budged, faded, or broke down, this, despite the extremely hot, humid weather. And when I was about to remove the foundie, I was so surprised how good my skin looked despite spending most of my time outdoors.


Is it worth the hefty price tag? I think it depends if you need a long-wearing, buildable foundation that looks good behind an HD camera, yes, this is a great foundation. But if you want an affordable, everyday foundie with great coverage, this isn’t the right product for you.

Do I recommend this product? Totally, I mean I loved the results and my skin looked so nice in pictures as you can see. MUFE’s formula is not perfect, your skin must look its absolute best to achieve a great finish.

I wish I could compare this with Estee Lauder’s double wear foundation, though! I want to get one but I know I won’t be able to maximize it because long wearing foundies have a very specific purpose and I don’t really wear a lot of makeup on the daily.

I actually got to try Double Wear briefly because my sister let me try it. I was impressed with the coverage. However, application was tricky too so I suppose it will take practice to perfect the application for these kinds of a base.


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