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I could only think of two specific foundations that I want to try and one of them is the MAC Face and Body foundation. I used to not have access to this specific foundie because there is no MAC Pro in PH and that this product was only exclusive at PRO stores. Luckily, MAC finally made this foundation available locally and I finally got a hold on one.

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I’m curious about this foundation because it gets mixed reactions from beauty experts. For reference, I am NC 30, light-medium with warm undertone.

The MAC face and body foundation have a very thin, watery consistency. The consistency is the thinnest I’ve come across. The thinness of the formula could be a caveat to some but if you layer the product and blend in between layers diligently, you get beautiful results.

After using the product for weeks, I finally understood why MAC took so long before making this available in non-pro boutiques: the application is tricky. You just can’t shake the bottle and slap on the foundation. You literally have to baby the formula to get an ideal finish.

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I would say, this foundation is not suitable if you are breaking out, have acne or generally bad skin. The product does not cover blemishes, dark marks, and hyperpigmentation very well. What it does is it evens out the skin tone and banishes redness.

My tip is to  pour a small amount at the back of your hand and start tapping the liquid to “thicken” it a bit as it starts to dry. Then, spread the foundation thinly and evenly on one side of the face. Do the tapping motion again at the back of your hand before applying the second layer. Finally, get a clean buffing brush and start buffing the product on the skin to get an even finish.

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Two layers of MAC face and body foundie

As you can see, this foundation is not exactly the best one to use when you are in a hurry. But I feel that the extra effort is worth is because as the day progresses, the finish becomes even prettier.

The wear time is pretty impressive too! The foundation remains intact until the 8-hour mark. Overall, this foundation is really nice. It’s not the easiest formula to work with but I love how the finish becomes better as the day progresses.

But one glaring drawback that I noticed is that this foundation makes me oil up 2 to 3 hours after application. This is weird because I always use a finishing powder to set the foundation. My skin’s not oily either, it leans towards the dry side. Of course, you can always use a blotting paper to reduce the shine but this is something to consider if you have oily skin.

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