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I recently picked up two new soaps by LUSH, the Porridge soap and the Honey, I Washed The Kids soap. I was terribly disappointed to discover that LUSH won’t be carrying any of their face masks other than Magnaminty. Apparently, LUSH has issues with supplying to a tropical country. Le ugh. Anyway, today I will be reviewing the Porridge soap.

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Here’s what LUSH has to say about the Porridge Soap:

Start your day right with a generous helping of Porridge soap. Ideal for sensitive skin; it’s irresistible to everyone else, even bears. A nutritious breakfast bar; we fill each one with oats to gently exfoliate and cleanse. As the oats mix with hot water, they create calming milk that soothes and softens your entire body. Organic orange juice is full of nutritious vitamin C, ideal for refreshing and brightening your skin, and keeping it clear. Oh, and did we mention the delicious caramel scent? All in all, this soap is just right.

Bear-y good: Break into the bathroom, not a stranger’s house for an irresistible wash with a molasses-scented soap.
OJ for a fresh start: Freshly squeezed, organic orange juice refreshes the skin and keeps it clear and spot-free with citric acid.
Full meal deal: Oatmeal adds exfoliating texture to scrub dirt away, and calms skin with oat milk.

First, the smell. It smells sublime, like sweet, milky goodness with just the slightest hint of citrus notes. It’s delicious smelling and it’s too damn bad that it doesn’t linger on the skin after a bath but I’m getting ahead of myself. The soap is very gritty because it ‘s packed with crushed oats to exfoliate the skin. I read that some people find the crushed oats too rough for exfoliation but personally,  I’ve been using the soap for more than a week now and so far, the grittiness isn’t bothersome.


I love how nourishing this soap is compared to my Karma soap, which does nothing to my severely dry skin! And I’ll be honest, although this soap is somewhat richer and more nourishing, it’s not as moisturizing as I’d like. My The Body Shop shower gels work better than two of the LUSH soaps I got and I am quite disappointed mainly because the soaps cost more than the shower gels! Am I alone on this? Let me know in the comment section, I’d like to know which LUSH soaps are super moisturizing because seriously, I don’t want to go through all LUSH soaps to discover which ones work for super dry skin, hahaha!

I also read that the Porridge soap melts a bit too fast and it’s true but only when it’s about to be used up. The crushed oats wear away faster and it does create a lot of mess in the shower as the soap gets smaller. But since the oats are probably going to disintegrate over time, I don’t mind the mess.

For those looking for incredibly foamy soap, sadly, this is still not it. Granted, it’s sudsier than the Karma soap but if you really want nice, luxurious foam, look somewhere else.You will have better luck at getting foam from the soap if you use a bath lily. And even then, the lather is thin, like it didn’t want to be there, haha!

What I do is I soap myself several times then, I wet a bath lily and scrub away. I get dense foam out of that. Overall, the Porridge soap is a fabulous choice for those with sensitive and dry skin. It’s not intensely moisturizing but the lovely scent makes up for it. I wish the scent lingers even after every bath but alas, it’s gone as soon as I step out of the shower.

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