Review: LUSH Eau Roma Water

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Summer in the Philippines is the worst. The temperature can reach a scorching 39 degrees. It’s during the summer season that I stock up on facial toner water, you know, those face fresheners you take with you in a spritzer bottle?

I actually have three of these (one was by Snoe, another by an unknown organic brand which broke me out like crazy and this one by LUSH) and I carry a bottle in my bag in case I need to refresh my face.

I went to Shang Ri-La mall two weeks ago to get a bigger tube of the Missha BB cream, this time in the right shade, 23. Took me a while to get the tube because it was sold out in two shops I went to. I even got a “BB Booster” together with the BB cream and I will feature that next time.

Anyway, I digress.


Yeah, after buying the BB  cream, I decided to head to the LUSH store hoping to hoard their fabulous face masks. I was a bit disappointed to discover that they only had one variant of their bestselling face masks, the Mask of Magnaminty. Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of all things minty and chocolate-y but I was hoping to get more of these stuff, you know? Possibly in different variants.

Apparently, this was the only one in stock because it keeps well while the other face masks go bad within a couple of weeks because the ingredients are very fresh.


I got the Eau Roma Water as an impulse buy, maybe out of disappointment, I wanted to get something, anything. The face toners come in two sizes, one in 250g and one in 100g. I got the 100g because I wanted to test how my skin will react to this and because the size is perfect for lugging around.

I have to say the scent is lovely. Eau Roma is made from lavender water and rose water and when spritzed liberally on the face, it refreshes my makeup and instantly smoothened my skin. Using this, I felt my skin became hydrated throughout the day despite the humidity and the heat. It’s mild, refreshing and it smells so,so, so good.

So far, the toner water hasn’t irritated my skin and I’m liking the results I get from it though I doubt this will replace my Eskinol toner anytime soon. Some people, you see, use the Eau Roma Water as a toner. I feel this product is way too mild to do anything to my skin except to refresh my skin throughout the day.

And speaking of Eskinol, it’s so frustrating that my skin reacts badly to high end toners and only respond well to this cheapass toner. I mean, I always wanted to try higher end toners because they feel so nice on the skin but I swear, I get cystic pimples that do not go away as soon as I try switching. It’s a cause of frustration to me, albeit a shallow one, hahahah!

I’m not throwing shade or anything and I’m glad there’s a toner that works beautifully for my skin but I’ve been using the same toner since I was 16, okay? It gets tiring sometimes. Also, I wish Eskinol would reformulate their toners to exclude alcohol from their products so it’s less drying.

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  1. I really like Eau Roma as a refreshing spritz – it is one of my holiday staples (I’m from the UK, so we don’t get too much heat). It smells so good!

  2. Hi! The spritz is a god-send especially in this heat! I heard UK is hitting the summer season too? Better stock up on the Roma water 😀

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