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I just celebrated my 33rd birthday last March 3 and the number three is a very important number to me. Apart from planning my birthday loot (will blog soon!), I decided to take my skin care regimen a notch higher to combat the early signs of aging.

I read the amazing rejuvenating benefits of retinol so I got a serum enriched with vitamin A and other nutrients. I’ve been using the serum for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, I actually saw a difference on my skin!

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The L de L Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Facial serum has a light, fast-absorbing formula that I love. I checked MakeupAlley reviews and I cannot, for the life of me, understand how some users were complaining about the thick formula. I live in the tropics and we’re bearing the full brunt of El Nino right now but the formula is so light that I can wear it under makeup! Granted, I do have very dry skin.

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The serum has a yellow color, creamy texture, and very mild powdery scent that goes away upon application. It does not glide well on dry skin so I prefer to apply the serum on a slightly, slightly damp face. The extra slip allows for even application!

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I use this serum day and night. In the mornings, I just splash a little water on my face to wake up the skin, pat it dry then smooth ample amount of the serum. At night, I apply it after toning and right before the night cream.

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The first week I used it, I did not experience any “retinol purge”. I have sensitive skin and this did not break me out at all.

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I saw a difference on my skin in as early as four days of using it. I saw how the fine lines under my eyes became less noticeable. My sallow, gaunt skin became plumper, softer,and refined. After using this product religiously morning and night, my skin tone improved. The texture of my skin is finer, more even toned.

The results are progressive too. As long as you use the product, the skin improves gradually! I highly recommend this product, especially for those who are starting to feel the effects of aging.


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