Review: Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

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I’ve been wearing lipstick since I was 12 years old. It’s just one of those staple beauty items that I have in my bag, always. I feel naked without a swipe of color on my lips.  I don’t discriminate either, I’m perfectly happy with el cheapo lippies like Avon or CoverGirl lipsticks.

Today’s review was a gift from a friend: Kiko Unlimited Stylo lipstick in shade number 04 or Pearly Tangerine. This lipstick has been left unused for months because I wasn’t too crazy about the almost neon shade. Now I’m sort of sorry for ignoring this lipstick because it’s a really nice shade. It suits my skin tone so well (although it made my teeth appear yellowish).

What is it: Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

For those who are not familiar, Kiko is a Milan-based drugstore makeup brand. Kiko has yet to hit PH shores but I’m hoping for their entry in the local market! They really offer a great selection of makeup in trendy colors.

Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick is hypo-allergenic and transfer-resistant lip color. It boasts a highly pigmented semi-matte finish. It has a staying power of 8 hours but is comfortable to wear. The weightless formula will make the lips appear soft and smooth. The consistency is “ultra-melting,” adhering perfectly onto the lips with extreme precision.


Pearly Tangerine is a bright, almost neon coral lipstick that goes on smooth then dries down to a pretty demi-matte. When it sets, it stays put as long as you don’t eat.

The formula is indeed light and comfortable. Swiping the lipstick, it has a nice slip to it, quite smooth and silky. Initial application can be patchy but the product is buildable. You can layer the lip color to get the intensity you want. I don’t recommend layering the product after the first layer has been set. When you do this, the lipstick doesn’t settle well on the lips. I suggest layering the product immediately so it dries down evenly.

Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

One trick to get an even application is to pat the lips lightly with a fingertip. This will break apart the clumping pigment. Also, it helps to apply a thin swipe of lip balm prior to application. Wipe the excess balm with tissue so the lipstick won’t slip and slide. Don’t touch the lipstick or press your lips together as it starts to set or you’ll ruin the finish.

Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

The lipstick feels comfortable when worn although it doesn’t make the lips appear smooth or line-free. In anything, the lipstick made the lines on my lips obvious but this is a common issue among matte lipsticks. The pigment tends to pool into the lip lines too.

The staying power is great, it will survive a coffee break but expect the lipstick to fade significantly after an oily meal. I can’t say this is completely transfer-proof.

2 and a half hours into wear (ate fried peanuts)

Sure, it doesn’t budge once it sets but it still smears during a meal. If you don’t eat anything, this will stay on for hours! On me, it stayed budge-free for 4 to 6 hours. As you can see from the picture above, the lippie doesn’t mix well with oily food.

Swatch Party!

Kiko Unlimited Stylo Lipstick

This is the kind of lipstick that’s best applied on freshly exfoliated lips. The pigment is prone to catching on flakes. It will certainly make dry lips look extra gnarly so prep the lips properly prior to application.

Final Thoughts

The Kiko Unlimited Stylo lipstick is one pigment-packed lipstick with a budge-proof formula. It’s budge proof as long as you don’t eat. I love the shade and I find myself reaching for this lippy all the time. I just wish the formula is fuss-free, you know? I feel that for a simple demi-matte lipstick, the Kiko Unlimited Stylo lipstick is making users work a lot to get a decent application.

Apart from prepping the lips, you gotta apply a lip balm and be mindful of the food you eat. The lipstick doesn’t fade evenly so you have to constantly check your lips throughout the wear. It doesn’t feel drying although it emphasized the lines on my lips.

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