Review: Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Beauty in Bloom Lipstick

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The title was a mouthful, wasn’t it? Try saying it five times in a row!

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I have read so many raves about Happy Skin’s Shut Up and Kiss Me lipstick range that’s why I finally picked up one of their limited releases to try. I am pretty late to the party though I can see why this lipstick line is very popular.

Happy Skin is a relatively new PH-based beauty brand that focuses on caring for the skin. Hence, the name. In a nutshell, the brand promises makeup that acts like skin care. For instance, the products I will review today promise to moisturize the lips while injecting vivid, long-lasting color. And how true are these claims?

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The lipsticks come in a limited edition cardboard box. I think this was part of Happy Skin’s spring collection. The set has two lip color, Hold my Hand – a warm honey pink, and Bride to Be, a flattering rose pink.

These lippies remind me of Revlon’s Just Bitten lip balms. I know the formulation between Happy Skin’s SUAKM and Revlon’s Just Bitten is different, but these products have a lot of things in common. Both products are lightly hydrating and wear comfortably.

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Swatch Time!

Photo 6-14-15, 10 14 39 AM

L: Hold My Hand, R: Bride To Be

Photo 6-16-15, 3 52 25 PM

Hold My Hand

Photo 6-15-15, 7 01 54 PM

Bride to Be

I’m happy to report that both lip colors glides so smoothly upon application. Absolutely no tugging! The product is formulated with collagen and Shea butter, it melts on the skin and hugs the lips like a velvet glove. It’s an excellent formula, I have to say! Even better, the pigmentation is really good. It’s not opaque on the first pass but buildable. Both variations are comfortable to wear and last about three hours sans drinking or eating.

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As for the cons, the color transfers like no other. I was so used to the Revlon Just Bitten lip balms that stain the lips beautifully and transfer minimally. These lipsticks will transfer anywhere from your mug to your spoon. But they do not leave a beautiful stain. The Happy Skin lippies fade into unsightly patches. Several times, I was caught unaware that I no longer have color on my lips. Instead, I’m left with noticeable pigment lines on the vermilion. I have to re-apply hurriedly to cover up the darn lines T_T

Also, I find that after a couple hours of wear, the formula starts exaggerating the lines on my lips. Which makes the ring of pigment around my lips even more horrifying to look at. Finally, the lip color bleeds a little bit. I think this one’s my fault because I don’t wear lip liner but still, this is something to think about when getting these lippies.

Photo 6-16-15, 4 49 46 PM

Check out the lines: two hours of wear

Overall, these lippies are very flattering to my skin tone and they are lightly hydrating. The lippies glide smoothly with fantastic pigmentation to match! Plus points for the fabulous packaging. However, they are not as long-wearing as other lippies in my stash. They do not stain the lips either, which bummed me out.

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