Reveal and Review: The Gucci Marmont Camera Bag

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I used to hate Gucci’s tacky designs but I do have monogram bags so who am I to judge, right?¬†Can you guess what my new designer bag is?

The spirit of the #GucciGang is well and alive these days, Gucci is everywhere! The brand, which I used to associate with old lady purses, is experiencing quite the revival thanks to its millennial-friendly designs. Okay, for the reveal: I got a Gucci Marmont bag ūüėÄ

I didn’t think I’d own a Marmont bag this year. I was expecting a Prada bag to be honest. But that project was a bust so I decided to get the Gucci bag that’s I’ve been eyeing since January, the Marmont Camera bag.

The Marmont camera bag, just like the other bag styles from the line, comes in an array of colors. Some are commonly seen like the black, red, and nude, while other shades, such as violet, periwinkle, pink, and emerald, are hardly spotted on the streets. I was lucky enough to snag a violet Marmont!

I know, I just got a Fendi DotCom bag several months back but after getting knocked up, I realized that I might not get the chance to buy another designer bag again. So there.

I got the bag from E-Canon Prime Bags, an online designer goods vendor with a physical store. Marga, the owner of the shop, has been in the business for almost a decade, I believe. She was the first designer bag seller that I knew of and followed on Instagram. I won’t go through the details of getting the bag because I’ve written about the experience a blog ago. Read about my buying experience here. Let’s jump to the review:

What is it: The Marmont Camera Bag

For those who are unfamiliar with the line, Gucci’s Marmont line part of the brand’s high-end bag line. The bags come in different styles (including the more popular flap bag) but they are all crafted from Matelass√© chevron leather and embellished with antique¬†gold¬†GG hardware.

The antique gold hardware is so beautiful, guys. It’s hard to take an accurate picture of the color btw, so the shade of the bag looks weird in the image above.

I’ve been eyeing the Marmont camera bag in small but most of the ones I see online are in shades of black, beige, sometimes red. I was hoping for the green one, which is quite rare. I heard that color is a Paris exclusive. Couldn’t find a green one so violet it is.

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I considered getting the flap bag but apart from being too dressy for my style, I know that the flap will annoy me. I’m the type of person who loves zippers on a bag. I feel that the camera design is better suited for me because it’s so carefree. The contents of the bag are accessible too.

The Bag

The leather is smooth but relatively worry-free because of the quilted design. The Marmont Camera bag has a soft structure. It holds its shape but the leather is quite mushy. This is my first violet bag, btw. The color isn’t an ugleh old lady violet either, it’s a vivid true violet. Not too light, not too deep. Since I wear black all the time, I won’t have any trouble incorporating this shade into my wardrobe.

I got this bag brand new and it was bought in Europe. The size looks small but it’s surprisingly roomy. I needed a smaller purse since last year but it’s only now that I got my wish. And in such a fun colorway too! This is the kind of bag that’ll work perfectly for running errands, date nights, making quick stops at the cafe, etc. It’s so versatile.

The bag doesn’t have a lot of details because the design is inherently simple. I do love the gold chain shoulder strap, the quilted leather, and the shape of the bag.

I’m also digging the “GG” on the back of the bag, I thought this was such a feisty detail.

The zipper pull is comprised of an O shaped zip with an extra long leather strip, btw. I’m not liking the leather pull, I prefer a metal pull because I can see the leather wearing out or discoloring from too much wear. I’m thinking about attaching a charm so I don’t have to use the zipper pull all the time.

The strap length can be adjusted, it has five holes and a metal stopper. However, the strap is too damn long even when you use the 5th hole. I stand around 5’1 guys, and the bag falls below my hip. Thankfully, I gained a lot of weight so the chubbiness somehow canceled out the lengthiness of the strap, hahahaha!

Here’s what the bag looks inside. The interior has a microfiber lining, which feels like suede. It’s so freakin’ luxe. The Gucci Marmont camera bag has a single pocket inside.

The fashion house’s insignia was stamped on the leather tab. At the back, that’s the serial code of this specific style:

Apart from the paper bag (not pictured), my Gucci Marmont camera bag came with the care cards, leather swatch, and the dust bag.

The dustbag is so nice albeit thinner. It’s made from a silky shiny, polyester material and it’s adjusted with black ribbons.

The size the¬†Gucci Marmont camera bag in small is about¬† 9.5″W x 5″H x 3″D. The chain is about¬†23.5″ I like the size of the bag, I can fit a lot of my essentials in here. It can fit a continental wallet too, in case you’re wondering.

The Quality

Even before unwrapping the bag, my nose could detect a strong leather smell. This is a good thing! The¬†matelass√© chevron leather is so supple to the touch. As you can imagine, this bag isn’t as structured as, say, my Dotcom but it’s not as slouchy as my Nightingale either. When empty, the bag could still stand on its own but the structure is quite soft.

I am, of course, worried about scratching the smooth leather but the quilting makes any scratch less noticeable. This is my first Gucci bag and I’m unsure how the leather will hold up. I’ve seen flaking on black Marmont bags, especially the corners (no matter how rounded the corners were). I’m okay with the creasing but the flaking, I’m worried about that. When the leather flakes, the exposed parts are a dull gray so the damages were¬†pretty obvious. I know Collonil came out with leather dyes and I just might get a pot of violet dye for this bag.

The threads look strong, the stitching is even. The hardware looks robust. The zip opens and closes with ease. It’s a well-made bag, no doubt, great for every day.

Mod Shots

Here’s pregnant me on our way to grocery shopping. When I wear the Gucci Marmont camera bag as a shoulder bag, the bag falls a few inches below my hips.

The mirror is a little hazy because it’s an antique ūüôā As a crossbody bag, the¬†Gucci Marmont camera bag falls perfectly on my hips.

The Cons

I’m new to using tiny purses. I started wearing smaller purses a few weeks ago to pare down my stuff. The small size of the¬†Gucci Marmont camera bag is great but I had to pare my stuff down even more because of the tight squeeze. Granted, I was carrying a brick-sized power bank along with my continental wallet and keys (I carry a lot of keys)¬†and these ate up a lot of space.

One thing that I didn’t expect, the bag is sorta flashy. Looking at it, the Marmont design is significantly toned down compared to the Guccissimas and the Supremes. But somehow, once the bag is worn, it still attracted a lot of attention. To keep my look even more low-key, I flipped the bag to hide the gold GG hardware. It worked.

The leather pull has the tendency to stick out and it doesn’t keep flat sometimes. I don’t know how this thing does it but a lot of times, I noticed that the leather pull was raised or something. It’s the oddest thing.

I wish the strap had more holes and is removable. That would’ve made the bag even more versatile.

Final Thoughts

What a beautiful itty-bitty purse! I love the quality of the Gucci Marmont camera bag, the purse is well-made. The Marmont is trendy but I think it will become a part of Gucci’s classic line.¬†The look and feel of the leather is¬†so luxe. The design is simple but the antiquated hardware gives the bag extra oomph! I also adore the chevron stitching, it made the bag so easy going despite the smooth leather. The color is surprisingly versatile although it’s best paired with a neutral or all-black ensemble. Also, this bag is not as high maintenance as my Dotcom. So far, no color transfer although I am quite careful with it.

Will the leather hold up? Only time will tell. I’m hoping the leather won’t flake while in storage though. I wish the strap was removable, which is my only gripe. I would love to swap the skinny strap with a thick, kitschy Piumelli strap to give the purse a different look. Overall, it’s a nice purse worth the price.



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