Review: Givenchy Nightingale in Evening Blue

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I believe I promised a follow-up post on the Givenchy Nightingale and here it is. Here’s my latest bag and no, it’s not LV:

A few years ago when the older Nightingale design was launched, I didn’t like it at all. The design looked busy with the silver hardware on the handles and the stitching in the middle. It was too slouchy and the aesthetics are the opposite of what I liked. I didn’t want a trendy bag, I wanted a sleek, stylish purse that could stand the test of time. One that’s structured, simple, yet eye-catching.

Initially, I wanted an Antigona in small (sugar goatskin, please!). During my Japan trip, I kept trying the bag out but it was too dang expensive so I decided against it and went for the LV Speedy.

When Givenchy came out with a major Nightingale redesign, it was exactly what I wanted, a toned-down version of the original that pairs well with a casual ensemble. That was the time I warmed up to the idea of getting a Nightingale instead of the Antigona.



So here’s my newest bag:

I mentioned a blog ago that I wanted something blue this year and that’s the reason why I got this bag in this color.

Actually, I was thinking of a lighter, brighter shade of blue, something cobalt like this bag my hubs checked out at Givenchy Shang-rila:

I didn’t get this exact color because it is prone to jean stain and I didn’t want to baby my bag. I could’ve gotten this in black but in the end, I chose a midnight blue, almost black in dim lighting.

The material is calfskin, which is undoubtedly hardy and scratch-resistant. The leather is quite thick and it does weigh the bag down but I don’t mind at all.

Calfskin has a buttery pebbled texture and a smooth sheen. I wish this bag came in goatskin, though. Goat skin is even tougher and more water/scratch resistant than calfskin but unfortunately, the new ‘Gales only come in calfskin. The Givenchy SA said if I wanted goatskin, I’d have to wait for the special edition or limited releases.

Actually, I would’ve gone for buffalo leather if I could because that’s the toughest leather Givenchy has to offer but I’m unsure if the new ‘gales came in this material.

Check out these pics for the details:

Despite getting this in small size, this bag is quite huge. You can fit a lot of stuff, trust me. It even fits my bag organizer with lots of room to spare for my foldable umbrella, long wallet, sunnies, and power bank!

The bag comes with canvas covered interiors. It has two pockets and one zippered compartment.

The bag wasn’t bought in the store but I have the care card, the tags, the leather swatch, the dust bag and the paper bag:

The strap is wide and chunky so it won’t dig into your shoulders when carrying a packed bag. I’ve worn this bag three different times and let me tell you, the strap made the bag so comfortable to wear! My LV Kensington is a pain to wear as a shoulder bag so I carry it by the handles.

By the way, the strap is quite special. You don’t just hook it up. You gotta insert the hardware into the indented bag hook on the sides:

Here’s how to attach it:

The handles of the bag are thick, sturdy, and balanced. They are well-made and they don’t distort easily! The shape of the strap – which gives the Nightingale its trademark aesthetic – is truly eye-catching.

The zipper is chunky and zipping is so smooth, which I love. I don’t use the leather pulls a lot, though. I zip and unzip by holding the metal hardware. The stitching is even and strong, this is a heavy-duty bag!

The best thing about the redesign? The new Nightingale is more structured than the older versions. I know the Nightingale is supposed to be slouchy but I didn’t want the material to be too slouchy; if you get my drift.

Also, I cannot get enough of the new minimalist design. The aesthetics are so low key, they’re not screaming designer deliciousness at all. It’s a refreshing alternative to monogrammed bags, which tend to look obnoxious at certain times.

With this bag, I don’t have to be too selective in terms of where to use it. People don’t stop and stare when I wear this bag. This is a good thing if you hate unwanted attention like I do. But if you live for drama, this might not be the best bag for you.

The branding is subtle. Replacing the conspicuous metal hardware seen on the older Givenchy models is a simple “Givenchy Paris” text stamped in silver. The text size is tiny too so it’s almost invisible from afar.

The strap is no longer covered by an extra layer of zipped leather. It’s just one piece of long leather and the length is adjustable. All the frills are gone, replaced by functional yet sleek design elements.

As for the thing that I’m not too crazy about, it’s the lack of metal feet at the bottom of the bag. Some designer bags come with metal feet so the material underneath is not in direct contact with the surface the bag is placed on. I just feel that the bottom of the Nightingale is flat enough for the metal feet but well.

Also, I wish the sides of the bags are adjustable. The sides have a sewn on strap and I tried adjusting it, it won’t budge so I guess you can’t make the most out of the folded leather.

Overall, I’m quite happy with my purchase. I’ll be flying to Hong Kong this week and I cannot wait to wear my new bag. I did, however, prep the leather using Collonil Carbon Pro. It’s a waterproofing product made in Germany. I will write a separate post about this product because I used it to protect the delicate vachetta leather of my LV Speedy.


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