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Every year, I gift myself something nice for my birthday and this year, I chose a Fendi bag. Initially, I wanted a Saffiano Lux Galleria tote by Prada. But after researching about the brand, I found out that Prada’s craftsmanship wasn’t as great as it used to be. And the thing with designer bags, they demand a hefty price tag so the quality should be up there.

As you know, I don’t baby my bags and the last thing I want is to worry about cracking leather or shitty stitching. It’s a shame though because Prada bags are so intuitively designed. It’s the kind of bag that doesn’t scrimp on zips and compartments. I love bags with loads of room for my stuff. That being said, I’m still pining for the Galleria and who knows, maybe I’ll get one next year.

According to my research, Fendi offers some of the highest quality bags in the business. The craftsmanship and durability of the bags made the brand quite popular among millennials, actually. Unfortunately, Fendi doesn’t enjoy the same level of popularity as Gucci, Prada, or LV even when the quality is top-notch. That’s just silly.

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Although Fendi is known for its outrageous designs, they have a slew of minimalist purses too. In fact, two of my favorite Fendi bags boast of a frills-free design, the By the Way and the DotCom. I have used my DotCom several times now and was quite surprised at how resilient this purse is!

The Bag: Fendi DotCom

You know, it’s weird that I cannot find a lot of information about the DotCom bag. Couldn’t find detailed reviews, unboxing videos, no video reviews too. It’s clearly not as popular as the BTW or the Peekaboo but it’s just as pretty and functional. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why this is the case!

I know I’ve been harping on and on about the By The Way but when I saw it in person, I realized how little room it offers. The partition in the middle of the bag didn’t help either. The bag looks quite boxy against my petite frame, it sticks out too much if that makes sense. Also, I could not ignore the BTW’s pointed corners. They’ll wear out in no time at all.

Excuse the messy hair, was trying different bags at the boutique!

Around the same time, I learned about the DotCom. This bag was launched in the spring of 2016. It’s a calfskin satchel bag with an inner clutch in a contrasting shade for a pop of color. The clutch features the brand’s now-iconic conical stud, giving an otherwise plain design an edgier look.

I love the design for many reasons. First, the DotCom is not as popular as the Peekaboo. I haven’t seen anyone wearing this style locally, which means the design will stand out. Second, I love the concept of having two bags in one, kinda makes me feel less guilty plunking this much cash in a bag, hahaha!

I saw this bag in person and was quite surprised at how roomy the compartments were. I’m not too crazy about bags with middle partitions but I feel that the DotCom in regular size has enough room for my essentials and more.

The Quality

I adore structured bags. I heard that the DotCom can be quite unyielding but I didn’t have any issues with the structure at all. I hate bags that don’t hold their shape. I love the shape and the way it wears. It’s quite streamlined so it doesn’t bulge nor stick out too much when worn. The craftsmanship is also outstanding. I got the last piece from the store and though I was assured that it wasn’t a display item, I still checked the bag thoroughly. I also looked for other shades and tried them on. The bag I got was pristine!

Its minimalist design really draws the eyes. It looks simple yet luxe. It’s versatile enough that I can wear it dressed up or down. Yes, it’s a trendy bag, it’s called the DotCom ffs, but the design is timeless. I love the clean, crisp lines and the frills-free details. The DotCom has the same appeal as the Peekaboo but is so much more affordable!

Up Close and Personal with the DotCom

… and now for the main event, the actual review! Here’s my new purse:

Isn’t she pretty?

So when I arrived at the store, one of the SAs must’ve recognized me right away. I literally just entered the store when she went out back to fetch the bag for me. Talk about amazing service! Guys, I’m gonna post a lot of pics so brace yerself!

The bag was presented to me by no less than three SAs, and waited for me to check the bag. I checked the leather, the stitching, and the hardware. Also checked the pouch and the strap. Everything looked great.

At first, I thought the DotCom would be heavy especially when it’s filled with stuff but it’s surprisingly lightweight. Not as lightweight as the BTW but still light enough for every day. The interiors are covered in supple suede, no canvas lining for this baby! I also love the metal feet at the bottom of the bag, makes the DotCom resistant to stains and dirt (this was one of the reasons why I chose the DotCom over the BTW). I also adore the hardware, so shiny, smooth, and luxe!

The clutch is removable and mine came in a dark blue shade. The bag itself can be worn as a handbag (it has a top-handle) or as a shoulder bag. I love how thick the shoulder strap is! The leather strap doesn’t dig into my shoulders, making the DotCom an easygoing tote. The strap is not adjustable and I wish it was so I can also wear it as a cross-body bag.

The hardware is silver done in high polish. The zips, which feature the Fendi logo, have long leather pulls. The zipper pulls are nice and thick although I try not to tug too hard. I hold on to the metal part of the zip to open or close the bag.

The iconic conical stud sits in the middle of the bag. The conical stud is attached to the clutch in a contrasting shade. As for compartments, the DotCom has two small compartments on one side only. The other side where the clutch insert is, it has no small compartment at all. I think this was done on purpose so that the clutch serves as an extra compartment.

The strap can be attached to a round hardware set on each end of the top handle. I don’t like how the hardware sticks out too much though. It gets in the way when you zip and unzip the bag.

I adore the tone-on-tone stitching, the subtle branding, and the quality of the zippers. The zips glide so smoothly, just like my Nightingale.

It’s nice that the extra long zip can be secured to the sides with snap-on buttons. Gives the bag a more streamlined look. Also, I hate when the ends of the zip stick out like that, they’re like freakin’ ears or something.

The top handle is thin and wide, I wish it’s thicker like rolled leather because I tend to carry my bag by the handle most times. I’m quite careful when carrying this one by the handle. The handle was already sporting minuscule wrinkles, which worries me. As soon as I got home, I slathered leather lotion on that shit so the leather stays pliant and resistant to cracking.

The logos sit right smack in the middle of the bag, just above the zipper. But the text is too tiny so it’s easy to miss. In fact, you’ll never know it’s a designer bag unless you look real close or if you are familiar with this particular style. There’s another Fendi logo inside the bag. But trust me, it’s barely readable from afar.

After checking the bag, I paid for it and had it wrapped ever so beautifully. My SA asked if I’d like to get a box for the bag (the box is huge, that’s why) and I said this is my first Fendi. The senior SA was quick enough to catch my drift, saying, “Of course, it has to be special!” while motioning my SA to fetch a box, pronto.

So my SA carefully placed my DotCom in its dust bag then in the magnetic box. She then popped the box in a massive paper bag and tied a bow made of Fendi ribbons before handing it to me. The bag came with the care cards and receipt. I wish the receipt was presented just as prettily though. All I got was the machine-generated receipt. LV has nicer receipts, but this is just me nitpicking at this point.

I love Fendi’s SAs, they’re been so helpful. Definitely not the last purchase I’ll make at Fendi’s Shangrila branch! Maybe a BTW is in my future after all.

Mod Shots

I believe the DotCom comes in two sizes, a mini and a regular. I got the regular size. Here are several mod shots, in case you’d like to see how the bag looks when worn by a tiny chubby Asian lol:

For reference, I’m 5 feet 1.5 inches.

The Cons

I’m quite worried about the jeans stain and the smooth leather. Smooth leather is more fragile than pebbled leather, it’s prone to scuffing, scratching, etc. It’s the reason why I never owned a bag in smooth leather until now. Pretty much had no choice because this bag doesn’t come in pebbled leather. Also the damn jean stain, I’m already anticipating those. I guess I’ll just have to live with the scratches and jean stains, man. Life’s too short.

The top handle, I don’t plan on using a lot. It’s a little too thin for my peace of mind. I don’t want to distort the shape by carrying too much and holding the top handle. I will always wear this as a shoulder bag. The corners, though rounded, are still a little sharp so I can imagine those wearing out at some point.

I try not to overthink when I wear this bag but it’s not as easygoing as Miss K or my Nightingale. I’d say this bag could be as delicate as my mono Boundoulier although the leather is more resistant to stains. I treated the leather as soon as I came home. I used Collonil delicate cream using a microfiber cloth and then the Carbon Pro waterproofer.

In the middle of it, I actually dropped the bag and it sustained a scratch. The scratch is not noticeable at all, which is a great thing. But this just goes to show that the smooth leather requires more care.

I’ve worn the bag several times now and it sustained several scratches, some were deep (I know, I’m a klutz!) However, the scratches aren’t really obvious especially if you apply a little leather lotion immediately. They’re hardly noticeable!

Final Thoughts

I’ve used the bag since I got it and I’m really loving this shade even more. It looks red indoors and tomato red outdoors! The compartments are roomy although pouches are a must to maximize the space. The zip keeps bonking on the hardware that holds the strap, that’s the only thing I noticed. The leather is so supple and smooth. Deathly afraid of scratching it! As far as quality and construction go, this is a well-made bag. Don’t have any regrets at all!

As for my next bag, I’m torn between the Prada Galleria (still pining for it) or the Gucci Marmont (also loving the Gucci Ophidia). I haven’t decided yet because there are so many beautiful purses to choose from!

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