Review: Evian Facial Spray

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Summer’s in full swing here in the tropics and naturally, I’m sweating like a pig. I keep dreading the summer season to a point that I started packing a handheld mini fan with me. But it’s just not enough.

I was in the city last week and decided to check out the beauty section for something that would cool me down. I came across Evian facial spray and got curious.

In all honesty, I see this product all the time but I never bothered trying it out because it’s basically mineral water in a spray can. But I was so desperate that I just threw caution to the wind and got a bottle.

The Evian facial spray contains only two ingredients: mineral water and nitrogen. I’m assuming nitrogen helps cool the skin down while the mineral-rich water injects moisture and nutrients into the skin. Reading the description, it says the water came from the “the heart of the Alps,” but I can’t really tell cuz I’ve never been there, hah!

Apart from refreshing the skin, this product also helps prime the skin for makeup, set the makeup, and reduce cakiness. I keep the 150 ml bottle in my bag so whenever my skin feels hot or parched, I could spritz this baby away.

So does it work? Yes, it does refresh the skin and it’s quite handy especially during humid days.

After a couple of spritzes, I use my handheld fan so the water evaporates quickly, which enhances the product’s cooling effect. The product takes only a few seconds to dry and it does leave the skin soft,  smooth and lightly hydrated.

I prefer using this after finishing my makeup because it makes the skin look skin-like and not flaky or powdery. I noticed that the texture of my skin felt like it’s been mildly primed after so this is perfect for prepping the skin for makeup.

However, I feel that the effects are no different from splashing your face with regular water. That said, I do like the effect and I will repurchase this product because moisturizing is LIFE!

I read that some spritz the Evian facial spray before applying moisturizer at night for better product absorption but I don’t do this. I’m just worried how my skin will react to the nitrogen during sleep. I do know that keeping your face damp before applying your facial moisturizer will enhance the effects of the product and I do this every time. Make that a habit!

I’m wondering how Avene’s facial spray compares to Evian’s though? I’m thinking of getting a bottle of the former for comparison. I will blog about it, of course!

Overall, I like this product but it’s not an essential part of my skincare regimen. I don’t think it’s worth the money because it’s just water in a spray can but hey, I love the cooling effect.

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  1. Thank you for the review. I was always curious about this product!

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