Review: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

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I love me some brow pomade and gels but on days when I only have ten seconds to do my brows, I use a brow pencil! And I’ve tried several brow pencils, mostly from drugstore brands, and there’s nothing there that truly impresses.

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Etude House’s Drawing eyebrow pencil features a slanted tip on one end and a soft spoolie on the other end. The spoolie, btw, is fabulous!

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The pencil comes in six shades but only three are available when I visited my local Etude. And of the three, only two match my hair color. It’s hard to check the color because there is no distinction between products except for a small silver sticker that says 2 and 3.

Photo 8-24-15, 7 13 08 PMSwatch Time!

Photo 8-24-15, 7 16 51 PMAs you can see from the swatch, the first one is more neutral toned while the one at the bottom is warmer toned. As far as the texture goes, it’s quite stiff but waxy. With each stroke, the pigment will cling on the brows effectively so you get really good pigmentation.

Photo 8-25-15, 3 18 25 PM

It’s quite easy to create subtle and defined brows with these pencils because they are very blendable. I love how natural-looking the result is with either color!

It’s not exactly fool-proof but as long as you are not too heavy-handed during application, these are great basic brow products for those who are getting into makeup for the first time.

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The Drawing brow pencil is also cheap as chips! They last a really long time and are surprisingly affordable at PhP130+

The only thing I don’t like about this product is the staying power. This s not the kind of product that will stay put for hours. My brow tails are usually faded at the edges after the four-hour mark and I don’t even have oily skin. If you’re have the habit of unconsciously touching your face, there is a good chance that you will accidentally wipe out parts of your brows and that look ain’t pretty.

Photo 8-24-15, 7 33 50 PMUpper edge of my brow tail’s gone!

Overall, this product rocks my boat! I use on days when I don’t have errands to run or I won’t stay out for long. It’s a great product for people who are discovering makeup for the first time and those who only have less than a minute to do their brows.

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