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When I visited the city a couple of weeks ago, I bought along several knick-knacks that aren’t really beauty related. One of the stuff I got is a couple of headbands by Earth Therapeutics. I LOVE Earth Therapeutics’ fancy little spa things, like their silk sleep mask, which I take with me every time I travel and their foot care line. But today, I will talk about the headbands because I think these are bangin’ products!

I got the hairbands from Beauty Bar for PhP450+ each, which I thought was fairly affordable. They came in two color, one is mint-green with no patterns and the other is pink with little heart patterns. I don’t think I need to tell you which design I chose, hahaha!

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If you’re like me who have a lot of irritating hairs around the hairline then you need a good headband. I have a couple of headbands in my stash, the first one was a gift and I use to dry my makeup brushes because it’s by Aquazorb. The other is extremely ill-fitting, using it will only lead to a migraine! The third one is a turban of sorts and since I use this all the time, it started to slip from my head. The headband by Earth Therapeutics is so fluffy, fits so well and is very comfortable! I love everything about it. It’s not made of terry cloth by the way, but plush polyester. It’s butter soft, super fluffy and felt quite durable.


Photo 7-27-14, 9 12 54 AM


Headbands like these are often used when you’re doing skincare or things that require you to get the baby hairs outta the way. I use it this every night and never take it off even in bed because I just hate all the baby hairs! This thing right here is super useful when I put face masks on my face! And seriously, with its adorable design, it’s so frilly girly, I love it!

Photo 7-26-14, 9 17 03 PM

Here’s me all smiles because of the cute headband! I bought two because I want to have one ready in case the other has to be washed. Overall, these are nifty tools and they are a great purchase. If Earth Therapeutics have other cute designs, I’d love to buy more. The only thing I hate about it is the massive logo on the side of the headband. I thought that was an unnecessary detail that should’ve been left out but that’s just me nitpicking.

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