Review: Dear Darling Lip Tint by Etude House

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Etude House is known for its cutesy makeup and skin care products. I must say, I was a huge fan of Etude House back when it came here in the PH. But as I got older, I basically stopped buying products from Etude except to replenish my Drawing Eyebrow pencil stash, which I love love love (I hoard every chance I get)!

Anyhoo, I visited my local Etude House last week and checked out what’s new. The Dear Darling Tint caught my eye because of its deep ruby red color speckled with fine glitter (RD304). Homegirl’s a sucker for anything red with glitters! So, I tried it on and I actually like it!

The Dear Darling Tint looks similar to Benetint or Bench’s Pretty When Pinched lip and cheek tint, which was all the rage during the late 90s. However, Dear Darling Tint’s thin formula means it’s not as long lasting. And it doesn’t double as a cheek color.

The Dear Darling Tint is packed in a plastic tube with a doe-foot applicator. The tip of the applicator is pretty thin so you can use it to line the lips or layer the product in specific parts of the lip without smearing the color.

The product itself has a sweet, candy scent, which I love. It has a thin, liquid-y formula that spreads easily. While you can spread this product all over the lip for a light wash of color, I think Dear Darling Tint is best used to create the gradient lip, a Korean lip trend that emphasizes the center of the lips by packing the pigment on the inner lips.

To create the gradient effect, the color around the lips are kept lighter. Blending is also key to a seamless gradient lip, you don’t want any harsh line ruining the effect! I think this is the reason why Dear Darling Tint’s formula is much thinner, so it blends easily.

When used on its own, RD304 turns a deep pink, not a vampy red. I suppose when you layer the product several times, you’ll get the color that’s similar to the tube.

The glitters are there but they’re not as noticeable when applied. When freshly applied, the product is somewhat sticky and it moves around a lot when you press your lips. But once it sets, it wears like iron.

The staying power is great although this isn’t as long lasting as traditional lip tints. It will, however, survive a couple of meals. I will say that the pigment will cling to flakes so stay away if you have dry, unexfoliated lips! As the product fades, patches of the pigment remain on the dry skin, making the lips look crusty, which is not a good look.

I love this lip tint because it’s not drying and the color suits my skin tone. I love a nice statement lip and I use this to layer different lip colors in one look.

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