Review: Collonil Delicate Cream

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I’ve collected several leather bags throughout the years. And you know, leather material is quite delicate – it could turn stiff, dry, peel or disintegrate when neglected. The leather has to be conditioned every now and then to retain its beautiful luster and suppleness.

I don’t baby my bags so they are subjected to lots of abuse. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for products that would extend the longevity of my leather bags. After being wowed by the Collonil Carbon Pro (review here), I wanted to try the brand’s other products.

The Delicate Cream caught my eye. This product is part of the brand’s Classic range. It’s meant to condition the leather, remove dirt, grime, or jean stain, while also imparting a natural sheen on the leather.

What is it: Collonil Delicate Cream

According to the Collonil brand, the Delicate Cream is:

Collonil Delicate Cream is a gentle cleaning cream for upholstery and bags.

Collonil Delicate Cream cleans and softens the surface of leather. Collonil Delicate Cream will revive and restore the colour of your leather.

The Collonil delicate cream is a light leather cream that conditions, softens, and cleans all types of premium leather goods. It has a thin,  gel-like texture that absorbs easily into the leather as well as a faint citrus scent. It also revives the color of the leather, perfect for faded bags or shoes that need lots of TLC.


The cream comes in a hefty glass pot and contains about 50 ml. of the product at PhP500+. It’s a little pricey for what it is but a little goes a long way.

To use, I apply a pea-sized amount on my bag and I buff the product into the surface with a microfiber cloth. I work in sections because the cream is so fast absorbing. I recommend applying in sections to maximize the cream. You can always layer the product several times to soften really stiff leathers.

Collonil delicate cream

I like how the cream was able to remove jean stains off my speedy’s delicate vachetta leather. I was wearing new jeans when I wore my Speedy and sadly, the handles were covered in ugleh jeans stain by the end of the day T_T

I totally freaked out!

Thankfully, I treated the leather with Collonil Carbon Pro prior so the delicate cream was able to remove the stains easily. I think the Carbon Pro prevents the stains from seeping into the leather, like a protective shield of sorts. The cream, on the other hand, was able to remove the bluish tint of the jeans stain.

I was so relieved! The stained leather wasn’t really pristine after treatment but the blue is hardly noticeable. I wish I didn’t delete the before pics so you can see the difference.

Final Thoughts

I use the cream once every month or so to condition the leathers of my bags, designer and high street bags alike. I can tell you, the stuff is great and I recommend it. Hot, humid temps are hard on premium leathers in particular but this product keeps my bags in pristine condition while in storage.

Again, this is a pretty expensive pot of cream but I think if this stuff can remove stubborn jeans stain, soften the leather, and reinvigorate the material all at the same time, you should definitely invest.

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