Review: Collonil Carbon Pro

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*Not a sponsored post, as per usual.

Hey guys, just popping in for a quick review. I mentioned several blogs ago that I came across an excellent leather waterproofing product.

It’s the Collonil Carbon Pro. This is an aerosol-type waterproofing product made specifically for leather goods. However, it works great for different materials, including textiles!

To apply, simply spritz the product evenly on the material. Then, leave the product to dry completely (overnight to a couple of days) and you’re done. I protected the hardware of my bags using clear tape before I treated the leather. Wear something over your nose, the chemical odor is quite strong.

Carbon Pro is made in Germany and the effects last for 3 to 4 months, I think.

I learned about this product while researching online. Several PurseBlog forum members recommended its predecessor, the classic Water Stop. Unlike the Water Stop, Carbon Pro doesn’t create a seal on the material’s surface that causes the leather to stiffen. The formula lets the leather “breathe” so it remains supple to the touch while protecting the material from rain, jean stain, dirt, and even oil/food drippings!

Since I was about to travel overseas at that time, I was not sure what the weather is like in Hong Kong. I felt that I have to protect my new bag in case it does rain. Lawrd, always listen to your gut. When we landed, it was pouring outside! I haven’t tried traveling during the spring season so imagine my surprise at the downpour.

Thankfully, I treated my bag’s leather with Collonil a week before the trip. And before I treated my Nightingale, I tested the product on my LV Speedy. Yes, I tested this on my virgin, delicate vachetta leather.

If you own an LV mono, then you know that even the tiniest drop of water on vachetta leather could lead to an unsightly (and permanent) watermark. And you know what? The stuff works. I have the pictures to prove it:

As you can see, I sprayed the product inside so if something goes wrong, the blemishes won’t be noticeable. In the picture above, one of the leather tags has been treated, the other hasn’t been treated. At a glance, you can’t tell which is which. This means the product didn’t cause any discoloration at all.

The tag on the left has been treated a day before. The close up shows zero discoloration, yay! I mustered enough courage to flick water on the leather tag. Lo and behold:

WTF, right? The water turned to beads and simply dripped down instead of being absorbed into the material. The treated leather remained spotless and pristine!

The best part? The product dried completely and there was no tackiness or weird sticky film on the material. The leather did not feel stiff or waxy. The texture and color of the material remained the same.

I didn’t have the chance to conduct the same test on my Nightingale before my trip but the Hong Kong weather did it for me. My bag was drenched!

I was not able to take a picture because I was too stressed out. And for the sake of documenting experiences, here’s a video of me testing Carbon Pro on my new Nightingale. It’s the ultimate test of faith, y’all:

Take note: the bag was treated before my HK trip, I did not re-apply the product before this test. This is how the bag looked like immediately after wiping off the water:

As you can see, zero water marks, zero bleeding, zero discoloration, zero regrets. Sweet baby Jebus it actually works.

Carbon Pro is quite expensive at PhP1,000+ a can (I bought two) but the video and the pics speak for themselves. Quite satisfied with this product.

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