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When I was younger, I used to envy my sister and cousins because instead of dark, coarse hairs growing on their legs like mine, they have light, almost-invisible fuzz that made their legs look hairless. During my early 20s, I used to shave my legs, then I started using hair removing creams like Veet. I loved how my legs looked and felt after another sesh with Veet but I never looked forward to the mess. Veet is nice but it can also be expensive but it was the only solution I knew when it comes to removing unwanted hair.


Then, my sister came back from Kuwait and showed me her Panasonic Epilator. She encouraged me to try it. I was super freaked out at first because of the scary sound and the nasty-looking rotating teeth. Eventually, I tried it. I remember how scary it was to ease the rotating teeth near my delicate underarm area. I was surprised at how painless the whole thing was! I was scared for nothing!

Epilators changed the way I remove unwanted hairs. Unlike the old days when I would buy tubes of Veet or stock up on razors that dull after a couple of uses, I just epilate and I’ve never been happier! My legs and underarm stay hairless for weeks. Even after my sister went back to Kuwait, taking her epilator with her, I knew I couldn’t go back to simple hair removing creams and razors, so I decided to get my own epilator.

As you know, I can get quite obsessive about something so I did a lot of research before choosing an epilator. The thing was, I saw a lot of epilators being sold in malls but I wanted to make an informed decision. I wanted the best, as usual! Initially, I wanted a Panasonic epilator in the latest model. But after several searches, I found out that Braun, a German label, makes the best epilators in the world. The choice was obvious. I wanted a Braun SE7681 S Slik-épil.


At first, I checked out Braun Philippines if they carry the model I wanted. Unfortunately, they don’t, they only had the more affordable models. I checked out Rustan’s at their suggestion. The Braun epilator at Rustan’s retails for PhP11,000 which was hilarious considering this thing is less than $104 in the US. I wanted to order the thing from a trusted online store but she couldn’t guarantee the warranty thing since it will be shipped at her US address so that’s another problem.

Photo 7-29-14, 9 28 36 AM

Finally, I heard that my cousin is heading back to the US for a two-week vacation. I asked her if it’s okay that she hand carry the epilator for me and she said YES! She got my epilator from Walgreens, where the Braun Epilators run a bit more expensive than at Amazon. Since it’s the nearest place to access the thing, I relented and just paid PhP500 bucks in addition. Overall, I paid PhP5,500 for the epilator and it arrived two weeks after I asked my cousin to get it for me. A far cry from the PhP11,000 that Rustan’s want for it or the PhP7,000 that my online seller wants for it.

And now that you know about to sordid tale of getting the epilator that I wanted, let’s proceed to the review. What I noticed when I held the Braun epilator for the first time is the heft. It’s heavier than the one I was accustomed to. That’s not really a deal breaker but for those who wanted something lighter, this might not be it.


It’s pretty sleek with its compact design, its glittery crystal-aesthetics but the actual window of the epilator’s teeth (composed of tiny tweezers that pull hair strands) is huge. Charging time takes an hour or less. I can get about three to four uses in one charge.

I chose this specific model because 1) it was the latest and bestest epilator available in the market then  2) the epilator can be used in the shower too. It’s 100% waterproof just like my Clarisonic Mia 2! 3) It’s got plenty of add-ons and 4) you can use it to remove facial hairs. How’s that for versatility?

Trying it on the legs takes a while to getting used to. I’ll be honest, yanking off hair is painful and no new-fangled thingamajig can change that. But oh boy, using this epilator to epilate my legs hurt like a biiiitch.

Photo 7-29-14, 9 29 00 AM Photo 7-29-14, 9 29 07 AM

The Panasonic one, pain is very minor but this thing, Sweet mother… I can feel every strand being pulled on my poor legs. I’ve already used this like, four times to epilate my legs but so far, still not used to the pain. If you have a tattoo, then you know the sensation: like getting pricked by tiny hot needles on the surface of the skin. You will dread it, there may be tears, it will hurt.

But I have to admit, I’d rather go through this kind of pain twice per month or once a month rather than spreading cream or dealing with razors ever again. Also, I do get ingrown hairs from using an epilator, as opposed to using hair removing cream that’s why I exfoliate my legs thoroughly after each bath.

Overall, this is a fantastic investment for people like me who hasn’t got the time nor the effort to get rid of unwanted hairs using depilatory cream or ye good ol’ razor. It’s expensive yes, getting it when you’re not based in the US is a challenge and using it may turn you into a crumpled heap of tears and snot but you know what? It does work. My only gripe is I’m not sure Braun PH will honor its 2-year warranty but I’m hoping they can at least repair it once it conks out on me. Fingers crossed!

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