Review: Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder

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The Belo Beauty brand is killing it with every product launch. But I pay no mind to Belo’s skin care products because the thing I’m eyeing on is the Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder. So why am I reviewing baby powder when I don’t even have a spawn? It’s because I’m one of those weird people who still use baby powder.

Yes, I admit it, I still use baby powder but only when I don’t have foundation on. It’s how I was raised, okay? You’d be surprised at how nice baby powder is when setting concealers.

What is It: Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder

The Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder is, as the name implies, a talc-free baby powder made with maize and rice powder. According to the brand, the maize and rice powder are finely milled to achieve that silky, velvety texture.

As you know, talcum powder’s been quite controversial as of late. In fact, A Los Angeles jury recently ordered Johnson & Johnson – the maker of the most popular baby powder in the world – to pay an eye-watering $417 million to an ex-customer who developed ovarian cancer after using their baby powder on her genital area for years.

Sure, it took decades for the victim to develop cancer but this is a grim reminder that the stuff isn’t 100% safe. The Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder is a safer alternative to talcum-based baby powder because the ingredients are 100% safe and non-irritating.


Right off the bat, I’d say the powder isn’t as fine as your average baby powder but it’s definitely finer than your basic cornstarch-based baby powder. It has a mild powdery scent that I don’t really care for. I wish the Belo Brand made this fragrance-free so it’s even less irritating for babies but we can’t have all the things we want in life so that’s fine.

The Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder comes in a round plastic dispenser and with a puff included. I thought that was a nice touch. Just pop the cover, give the dispenser a good shake and you got a fair amount of the product on the puff.

Just pat the puff all over the face and you get a surprisingly smooth finish. I was expecting the powder to be grainy as hell but I was pleased to learn that the product being finely milled is not just lip service at all.

Since this powder has zero pigment, it does nothing but set the foundation or concealer. It does surprisingly well in terms of reducing oiliness throughout the wear. The wear time is pretty short at 2 hours or so. You have to keep reapplying the product to cut the shine.

Final Thoughts

Kudos to the Belo Brand for developing a safer alternative to talc-based baby powder. I wish other brands would follow suit. The Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder surprises with its smooth, velvety texture. In terms of keeping skin fresh, the product does surprisingly well considering that it’s not meant to be applied on the face.

My only issue is the price versus the amount of product you get. The Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder costs PhP 219 at Watson’s it contains about 65 grams of the product. A medium-sized bottle of regular baby powder contains about 100 grams of the product for PhP 30+++ so you’re getting way, way less from the Belo baby powder for the price.

I know the ingredients are expensive since the Belo Brand was not using talcum, which is a cheap material for baby powder. The milling process could be expensive too so that factors into the final price. Still, 200 bucks for a small container of baby powder is pretty steep. If you have a baby, you’ll use up a tub in a heartbeat so I’m unsure if this will be a hit among regular consumers. But if you’re all about quality, this is a terrific baby powder!

Will I use it for my future baby? Who knows man. If the brand comes up with a larger sized version of this product and the price is reasonable, I don’t see why not. Overall, highly recommended.

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