Review: Banila Co. Liplike Moist Tint in Red Berry

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I love a good Korean lip, especially now that my beauty routine is simpler. Back in the day, I would layer two to three different lip shades to create a new shade or layer the same shade repeatedly to achieve a certain level of opacity. These days, however, I’m into translucent colors, sheer hues that let the skin breathe. That’s the reason why I love the Banila Co. Liplike Moist tint, it’s a lip product that imparts sheer to opaque color to the lips.

What is it: Banila Co. Lip Like Moist Tint

The Banila Co. Lip Like Moist Tint is “a long-wearing lip tint with a high color payoff. ”

According to the brand, this product:

Provides buildable coverage to achieve your desired look; paints on vivid color for a pretty pout; lightweight, hydrating formula feels comfortable on the lips; doe-foot applicator lets you apply the product with precision.

The product also promises to be “light and hydrating” with its “skin-conditioning properties.”

Quality and Packaging

I love Banila Co.’s packaging. The component is made from a thick and somewhat hefty plastic material so it doesn’t feel cheap at all. The plastic tube is clear so you can see the actual shade of the lip tint.

The twist cap features an angled doe-foot applicator that applies the product evenly. The applicator has a pointed tip so you have more control over the amount of product to apply. This was done on purpose because a Korean lip requires subtle color gradients.


Essentially, this lip tint is similar to all the other Korean lip tints. It has a thin consistency and a sweet, almost candy-like scent.

As you know, I’ve reviewed a similar product in the past, the Dear Darling Lip Tint by Etude House. I can say with utter certainty that the Banila Co. Liplike Moist tint is better than Etude’s lip tint.

For one thing, this lip tint doesn’t fade after a meal. And when it does fade, it fades evenly. There’s no crusty, ugleh crimson line left on the lip, which was my problem with the Etude lip tint.

I also like the consistency of the Banila Co. Liplike Moist tint. It’s not too thin that it spreads everywhere and not too thick that it’s hard to control. The consistency is just right for a good pat down to soften the color along the edge of the lips. The formula is terrific. It’s light, non-drying, and non-sticky. I hate lip tints that are unnecessarily sticky. I can’t say for sure that this tint kept my lips hydrated but it’s not drying at all.

The shade I got is a pretty tomato red (red-orange) and it flatters my skin perfectly. When I use this, I feel like my face brightens up, you know? The downside is that there is a subtle flavor to it, which I dislike.

Swatch Party!

Freshly applied
Faded a bit

Final Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of the Korean lip and I love the Banila Co. Liplike Moist tint! I like the quality of the product itself and the budge-proof formula. I’m so happy with it that I am planning to get more shades soon. The color selection is pretty diverse for a lip tint, which is another plus for the brand. Overall, highly recommended!



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