Reveal and Review: YSL Toy Lou Lou

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This came out of nowhere, right? I swore that I won’t get a new bag this year and has stuck to that promise until last week when I saw a good deal and went for it. The timing couldn’t be more inconvenient, but I lusted over this bag for months, so my resolve weakened just a tiny bit.

I finally got a YSL Lou Lou, yay!

Honestly, I was not planning on getting one this early because I’m, trying to save money for our business. But one of the EU-based personal shoppers I follow on Instagram posted a bunch of bags that were being offered in the mid-year sale, which happens to be the BIGGEST sale of the year and one of these bags was the Lou Lou.

I tried my best to fight the temptation, but alas, I was hormonal. Long story short, I snatched a toy Lou Lou just like that.

Usually, I would write a long-winded review of the buying experience, but I will be making an exception on this one. This was one of the worst buying experiences I’ve had the unfortunate luck to experience and I didn’t want to dwell on the negativity.

First off, they shipped the wrong item. I was supposed to use the bag for a girl’s night out and instead of getting the Lou Lou, the personal shopper’s stupid assistant shipped a pair of Gucci shoes:

Apparently, the recipient of the shoes had the same last name as yours truly so there you go. I was so pissed and the shoes were ugly too.

This was the first time that I received the wrong item and as an online seller myself, I thought this was such a rookie mistake. I take great pains in terms of sorting and organizing all orders just to prevent this kind of mistake.

When I got in touch with the seller, she said they knew they shipped the wrong item because the one who owns the shoes got in touch with them first. Like, seriously, they knew the mix-up and they did not inform me so I ended up opening the package thinking they used an old box to pack the bag so it won’t get bent out of shape. Like WTF.

And get this, no apologies. Grabe, I never felt so disrespected as a customer. I would never. Third, they had the gall to take offense when I said told them a second time that they will shoulder the shipping cost. They said they knew the process and “di naman nila kailangan pang sabihan about it.” I had to hold my tongue because they have my money and I don’t want to end up with the ugly shoes!

I cannot believe it guys. This is why I didn’t want to write a review because I end up being more and more upset about it. Basta, it’s Original Shopper808. She’s a personal shopper for several artistas and I feel that the fame of her clients has gone to her head. Di ko gets bakit. So buyer beware, unless you don’t have any self-respect, don’t buy from this seller. Customer service is a nightmare.

Well, at least the goods were not fake. I got a good look and feel of the ugly Guccis and yes, there’s nothing fake about the quality. And in all fairness, the bag was flawless. None of the stitches popped. It was not a display item at all. I know because I used a cream product to clean the leather and the microfiber towel was not picking up dust or grime at all. It really came out clean, which was a surprise.

The Bag

I got the Lou Lou in a neutral shade called taupe sand. This is the first time that I’m getting a bag in a neutral shade, BTW. I usually go for the blue, black, red, and occasionally, gray. The reason I don’t do neutrals that much is that I’m deathly afraid of jean stains on the leather. But now that I know how to treat the leather and prevent color transfer, I’m more confident in getting a bag in a much lighter shade. Thank you to our Lord and savior Collonil.

The bag was packed neatly inside a cardboard box. It didn’t come with its own box, which is a shame. But the seller was saving room in her luggage so that’s understandable. The bag came with the care cards, the dust bag, the strap (not pictured) and the actual purse.

As far as the details go, there is nothing much going on. It’s a simple flap bag. Inside, there are two big compartments. The divider doubles as a flat pocket, which is cool. The compartment at the back has a zipper while the bigger compartment in the front has card slots for credit cards, IDs, etc.

The bag features aged silver hardware. I heard that YSL’s gold and black hardware tends to chip easily and the silver hardware is the most durable so that’s what I’m all about. The leather itself feels smooshy yet thick. All the silver hardware featured the Saint Laurent logo. And God knows that YSL logo on the front is ICONIC.

I love the Y matelassé stitching, it elevated the look of the bag. I abhor brown shades with the exception of taupe and camel. I know neutrals are hardly exciting but you guys, this shade of taupe is so lovely in real life, it is a balanced combination of muted brown and gray.

The magnetic closure has quite the pull, I have to say. Often times, opening the flap takes a good second because the magnetic pull is so strong. I’m slightly worried about bending the tip of the flap by repeatedly opening and closing the bag so I’m always careful when I open or close the bag.

There are small D-rings on each side of the bag. I love that the skinny straps are removable (the large sizes do not have the same feature) so you could change the straps or wear the bag in different ways.

You could wear the Toy Loulou as a clutch by removing the straps. Adjust the strap and it becomes a wristlet. Use the full length to wear the Toy as a shoulder bag or across the body. Heck, I even saw a vlogger wear the Toy Lou Lou as a bum bag or belt bag. Seriously, this is the most versatile purse I’ve ever bought.

I had doubts that I’d use a small bag before but honestly, my Marmont is my most used bag. No joke. I love all my bags equally but I have to admit, some are quite cumbersome to use. I guess most days when I’m out and about, I need a bag that’s much simpler to lug around, you know?

Here is the Toy next to my Marmont camera bag. The toy looks smaller but inside, it actually holds more stuff. Also, since the Lou Lou is taller than the Marmont, I’ll save even more room.

The Quality

This is my first bag from YSL so I am unfamiliar with the quality as far as the leather and hardware go. But I will say that the leather is resilient even though it’s smooshy. It feels thicker than say, the Marmont leather and more pliable too. I bet the small size Lou Lou is heavy because the thickness of the leather is similar to my Prada Galleria’s city calfskin.

The stitches were nice and even. The strap is a little too skinny for my taste but it suits the size of the purse itself. The clasps of the strap, the ones that attach to the D-rings, on the other hand, feel a little too flimsy to me. Not to say that the material of the hardware is inferior, it’s decent. However, the spring within the clasps feels a bit more fragile.

Mod Shots

I was able to take a quick shot of me wearing the bag while headed out for a quick bite with the hubs. I feel too fat for the bag at the moment but I’m working on it, hahaha!

Final Thoughts

My brain can finally shut up about the Lou Lou, yes! I love the bag, it’s cute, functional, and versatile. I’m wondering if the small size would be heavy though. If it’s light, I feel like getting the larger one as well. That’s how much I love the Lou Lou!

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    • Hello! Initially, I used the Collonil delicate cream, which removed most of the jeans stain but not all of it. Months later, I used the Collonil Clean + Care cleaning foam and it removed the leftover stains just like that! It’s so good! Finished up with the Carbon waterproofing spray and my Speedy looked good as new!