Recommended Cannabis Strains for Parkinson’s Disease

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Parkinson disease is a chronic neurological disorder that affects certain nerve cells in the brain. The brain’s nerve cells release a chemical called dopamine, which sends signals to other parts of the brain that control movement. This chemical allows fluid, smooth movements of the muscles.

When the dopamine-releasing nerves start breaking down, the brain is unable to produce this chemical. Hence, the part of the brain that controls movement is deprived of dopamine, causing impaired movement. This leads to uncontrollable tremors, rigid muscles and slow movements. Eventually, the disease will cause difficulty in speaking, writing, and moving. Because motor function is limited, a patient won’t be able to move on their own.

About 10 million people are living with this debilitating disease in the world. Unfortunately, Parkinson’s disease has no known cure but cannabis is proven as an effective remedy for the condition. In fact, marijuana has been used since the 19th century among patients living with Parkinson’s disease!

Today, science has confirmed that medical marijuana makes an excellent remedy for motor impairment and tremors, two of the hallmark symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. And if you’d like to explore the benefits of medical marijuana, here are the best strains for Parkinson’s disease:

Amnesia Haze

This powerful sativa strain provides uplifting relief for patients suffering from motor function impairment. Amnesia haze has a wonderful earthy taste and a tangy citrusy aroma. It leaves an energetic high that melts stress away. Creatives often consume this strain because it promotes creativity but it’s a wonderful strain for patients suffering from fatigue, pain, and depression too.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is the choice strain of patients who need an ultra-relaxing high. This potent strain is often used to treat insomnia and stress-related diseases but it will benefit those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease too. This indica strain has a delicious sweet flavor and robust coffee and chocolate aroma. This is a great strain for easing muscle rigidness.

Black Lime Special Reserve

This is a relaxing sativa hybrid strain that has a zesty taste. It’s a great remedy for depression, anxiety, and stress-related disorders because it will leave you relaxed and euphoric. Because it promotes calmness, black lime special reserve makes a great treatment for patients living with Parkinson’s disease. It helps ease fatigue and painful muscle spasms.

Cherry Kola

This is an indica strain prized for its delightfully sweet, cherry flavor. Cherry Kola delivers calming effects that last. Its euphoric effects make the strain a popular choice among patients suffering from migraine headaches, stress, and insomnia. Cherry Kola helps ease muscle strain and its calming effects are effective in helping Parkinson’s disease sufferers cope with the symptoms.


This is a high THC strain that delivers an intense high, making Chemdawg a powerful treatment for migraines, anxiety, and pain. It’s also a common remedy for people overcoming grief and depression. The THC in Chemdawg makes a potent remedy for Parkinson’s disease. Its calming euphoric effects will reduce muscle spasms and rigidness.

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