Push Gifts: What are Thooose?

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Since this is my first pregnancy and I’m a spoiled brat, I will be getting a push gift from the hubs. So what’s a push gift and what is the purpose of it? As the name implies, it’s a gift that a woman gets after literally pushing a watermelon-sized human being out of her lady bits. Us mothers get all the credit for creating life but it seems that’s not enough, we need push gifts, hahahaha!

So you know I love fine jewelry and all so that’s exactly what I will get as a push gift. Most moms tend to buy pieces of jewelry embellished with their baby’s birthstone. That’s what I’m going for but I won’t focus on the baby’s birthstone alone but ours too.

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You know I love old English literature, British period films and dramas, etc., so I wanted a classic gemstone ring in a design that’s similar to what Lisa Eldridge sells:

Photo Credit: lisaeldridge.com

I have worked with different online-based jewelers in the past and I wanted to tap Yani of Little White Pouch for the second time around. I loved the piece that she made for me the first time and the quality was amazing.

Unfortunately, it is the Christmas season and she’s inundated with work. Yani assured me that she will squeeze me into her schedule though I’m not sure if she’s ready to commit (she posted an announcement on her Insta store telling interested clients that she’s out for the rest of the year because she has her hands full)!

This is the reason why I talked to other online sellers. I found a new-to-me online jewelry store, Borealis Crystals. It’s a husband and wife team actually, Cza and Jared, the shop specializes in fine gold (as well as plated) gemstone jewelry. It’s worth noting that the shop is PWD-run, which I thought was an amazing cause. Initially, I wanted to wait until Yani is available again but Borealis Crystals posted some of their recent work and I was impressed by the evenness of the rings’ bezel:

I inquired about the design and they said these rings were for a client and these were done in gold plated silver. I have a feeling the client and I were gunning for the same Lisa Eldridge rings seeing that the client in question had the rings done in the same colored gemstones that Lisa ALWAYS wear:

Lisa ALWAYS wear these two beauties

The two rings that you are seeing in the image above were essentially the reason why Lisa launched a gemstone ring collection! Anyway, I was blown away by the evenness of the bezel. Some bezel rings, sadly, have an uneven bezel and that ruins the look of the ring. I wanted to see the quality of their work in real life but was not ready to order the actual push gift. Push gifts are given when the baby is born and Damy is still baking in utero. I should give birth by the end of November or early December so choosing the birthstone is a little tricky for me.

To satisfy my curiosity, I ordered a ring in my birthstone, which is aquamarine. I was planning to get three rings anyway, one done in aquamarine, another in Amethyst (the hub’s birthstone), and London Blue Topaz (November) or Tanzanite (December) for Damy, all done in solid gold.  These rings will commemorate Damien’s birthday as well as represent our little family. I’m a firm believer that all good things come in 3’s!

I was told that the ring will be completed in 3 weeks. I just wired the initial payment and settled the rest of balance once the ring was done. Surprises of surprises, the ring was done a week earlier than anticipated. I should write a separate review about the buying experience just to let you guys know what went down. Anyhoo, the ring came in the mail yesterday and my new bauble was packed in this litol sinamay baggy:

I will post pics of the ring once I complete the review! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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