Purging My Closet + Recos for Basic Essentials!

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When you reach a certain age, you start changing the way you dress. I’m at a point where I could no longer wear my band shirts and Chucks… not because I lost all that angst (hah!) but mostly because they no longer fit my aesthetics. I think pushing 35 made me realize I could no longer dress like a teen.

Until a couple of months ago, my closet was packed with loud clothes. Most of these clothes I no longer want to wear. So I decided to purge my closet. I want to remove all the items that I’ve outgrown or those that are just wasting space in my closet.

Also, I gained a lot of weight since I got married so the majority of my clothes no longer fit. I’m not sure how I feel about the weight gain but I suppose being married made eating much more fun.

I’ve been on a minimalist kick lately, preferring plain tees and bottoms over loud shirts or graphic bottoms anyway. Slowly, I started filling my closet with basic tees, basic bottoms, even basic undies.

In case you’re wondering, this is my everyday uniform

The process made me realize that I’ve been buying stuff from really great places and I should do a recommendation post. You know, just in case you’re looking for a great place to shop for basic essentials too!


I’ve been a huge fan of Uniqlo way before it hit the PH shores. The quality, fit, and material of the clothes are terrific. I used to buy a shitload of graphic tees here but since I’ve been transforming my closet, I started shopping for plain tees.

As you know, Uniqlo has an extensive selection of tees. The company basically build its brand around that fact. Personally, I recommend the undershirts, those PHP 290 shirt packs set near the undies aisle. Those shirts are noice!

Sure, the material is thinner than a department store tee, but the shirt is surprisingly resilient and so, so soft. The fit is great too! I prefer simple tees with a scooped neck rather than a round neck because the style is more flattering and feminine.

Uniqlo undershirts are affordable and they come in a variety of colors to choose from. My favorites are the black and white ones. I bought another two for my growing collection because one of my cats, Jelly Bean, clawed one of my new shirts!

PS: I managed to snag the last two skinny jeans (different styles) in my size, hurray!

UNIQLO Wireless Bras

… and speaking of undies, Uniqlo has the best wireless, clasp-less bras! I saw these bras on a commercial and decided to buy a couple. I loved it and got a few more!

I do love a good underwire bra but wearing one can uncomfortable for every day. Wireless bras feel less constricting for daily use and these soft cup bras are perfect. The design isn’t the most exciting but this is a staple bra, every woman should have one.

The material is sturdy, seamless, and soft. The fit is comfortable. The molded cups are smooth, offering light support. The bra literally feels like nothing when worn! Love the fact that it doesn’t cause unsightly bra lines under tight-fitting shirts.

The only downside is the price, Uniqlo bras are pricier than most department store bras. But the construction, fit, and durability of these basic bras are top-notch! Highly recommended for girls who do not need the extra boost.

UNIQLO Boxer Shorts

A great alternative to the classic jammies is a well-worn pair of boxer shorts! I’m in dire need of new shorts to wear for bed. My old ones are just plain ratty because they’ve been abused for years.

I decided to get boxer shorts instead of the usual jammies because they’re so comfortable and light. Also, I keep stealing my husband’s boxers so I figured he needed a break from that, hahaha!

Initially, I was planning to get those 3-in-1 packs I kept seeing at my local department store. But my husband says Uniqlo’s 2-in-1s are actually more affordable and better in terms of quality. So I decided to get several of the shorts in the same style and color because even when I’m set for bed I’m all about uniformity.

I’ve been using them ever since and they are so fabulous. The material is airy, the stitches are even and durable. The gartered waist doesn’t look nor feel flimsy at all. Amazing quality!

Marks & Spencer: Seamless Panties

You’d think I’d buy undies at Uniqlo after discovering how good their seamless bras were but no. I’ve always bought my undies at Marks & Spencer for years, years! I discovered how good their seamless boy shorts were back when I still held an office-based job and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Marks & Spencer has a great selection of undies, individually packed and packs of 5s. I always get the packs of 5 because they’re much affordable this way. My fave is the boy shorts style, which is a low-rise Lycra panty set with seamless trims.

The material is soft, a little thin but surprisingly durable. These undies come with “stay-new” tech. I think this means the material is much more resilient to hand or machine washing and it is!

I thought the undies at M&S were part of the mid-year sale but sadly, they’re not. Still, I got a couple of packs because I was purging my closet and most of my old stuff need to go.

The only thing that I’m not too crazy about these undies is that the crotch area is prone to discoloration. This goes especially if you hand wash your undies, the crotch area turns a deep red or maroon over time but the rest of the material remains black as night.

My closet is still in the process of transforming into a minimalist dream but I’m getting there! It’s quite liberating, letting go of clothes that I keep for their sentimental value. My closet is much more organized now!

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