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Three to four years ago, my sister and I purchased our Tosh. Powered by Centrino, our Portege featured 3GB ram (upgraded), 160 GB storage, and Vista OS all in one sexy pearly white package. I had issues with it the very first night, getting a blue screen as I turned it on. After a lengthy discussion with the Tosh crew, I had the lemon replaced with a total gem. It ran smoothly for years until I accidentally spilt coffee on it. It got slow for a while no thanks to Vista so I my cousin upgrade the OS to Win7 only to find out that he stole my beloved lappy’s storage space (160 GB to a measly 80GB, he probably thought I was THAT big of a techie noob). Of course, I never confronted him about it because I just didn’t want to embarrass him but I’ll never let him go anywhere near any of my machines ever again. Anyhoo, I decided to replace my old machine, though not because of the stolen space but more of a necessary thing.

And yeah, yeah I’ve been obsessing practically weeks now. I was also eyeing the spectacular Lenovo Z470 which is valued a little over 30grand. It’s just as fabulous as my new Asus and definitely something I considered buying instead.

Isn’t she a beauty? (I particularly loved the keyboard!)

Specs-wise, it’s easily superior to Asus, with bigger storage. It’s also pink and powerful! However, side by side reviews (Lenovo Z470 and Asus K53E) from various sources, revealed that the Lenovo model has very short battery life and heats up to uncomfortable temperatures when used for an extended period.

As much as I wanted to go for Lenovo’s Z series lappy, with its light, compact body, nifty functionality and color, heating up, particularly around the trackpad area, is a deal breaker for me. Apart from errant cursor, the heat is one of the main issues I had with my old machine and I definitely won’t buy another that had the same problem!

Asus’ trackpad that promises to stay cool at all times, as well as this awesome tech that minimizes errant cursor while typing, is something I’ve been looking for in a lappy so I’d be crazy to pass this chance to get one at a great price.

I have to admit, it’s quite a gamble on my part to finally choose Asus over Tosh since the latter and I go way back but Tosh’s budget lappies just looked so horrendous, I had to pass. That said, there were loads of other candidates that are better than the one I chose but my criteria is pretty straightforward: Great specs, affordable and it has to be pink. Lenovo’s Z470 and Asus’ K43SD are all that and more.

And speak of the devil, there she goes:

Apparently, this particular model is fitted with Bluetooth! What a lovely surprise! I dragged the boyfriend to Silicon valley and finally bought it! I almost changed my mind at the last second and would’ve bought the Lenovo number (so mesmerizing) but the boyf stepped in and reminded me about the whole heating up thing. Anyhoo, I just finished personalizing the machine and it’s pretty much all revved up and ready to go. Can’t wait to finally use it. I’m hoping I didn’t get a lemon like the first time I purchased a laptop.

I’m just sorry the boyf couldn’t buy his own lappy at the moment. Hopefully by July, he will also have his own Asus K43 in red, like he always wanted 🙂 It really amazes me how a few years make so much difference in technology. The lappy is under 30grand and it’s pretty powerful, considering 🙂

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